Entering Into A New Relationship, These Signs Tell That It Will Last

Any relationship of any kind has potential to last; that is if it has signs of survival written on it and there's clear effort being put in from both sides. Making a relationship last isn't difficult if there are things and steps that have been accomplished as the relationship has built up. A relationship can't be fixed or saved at the last second if it never had evidence of working in the first place.

1. Conflict resolution is healthy.

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Conflict is bound to happen no matter what. No one can have a perfect relationship without having some bumps in the road. Conflict resolution, when used correctly, can actually strengthen a relationship and make it last longer. It's good to see the resolution of issues as lessons and to learn from them and move on. The whole point is to not make the same mistakes more than one time so that it doesn't need to be reproached later on. If this happens, there may be bigger issues. If you're able to talk things out rationally, see from both sides of the disagreement, and to come to an agreement of some sort, there's a positive pathway ahead waiting for you.

2. Distance isn't too difficult.

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Plenty of couples have to experience distance of some sort. Whether it's an hour or two, being thousands of miles apart or just simply not living together, it's inevitable at times. A truly committed couple will endure the distance in a positive way and think of it as a strengthening mechanism. It makes the heart grow fonder and it also makes the time we get with our significant other's much more memorable and special just for that reason.

3. Knowledge isn't power.

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Always needing to know what they're up to, where they are, who they're with, etc. is over the top. It's unnecessary and slightly clingy. I've met couples in the past who have at least 1 person obsessing over the other's whereabouts and doings so much and it can potentially and single-handedly ruin a perfect thing. If it's persistent and the habit can't be broken, then there's a real issue. I don't always need to know what my boyfriend is up to or where he is. I have a few guesses as to what he's doing when he isn't on his normal schedule, but it doesn't matter more than anything else that I keep tabs on him. It's also overbearing to need to know what he's thinking all of the time, as it would be with any other couple, and this shouldn't become a habit either.

4. When in doubt, talk it out.

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One big mistake that couples can and have made is not being honest about how they feel toward their significant other. If there's ever a shadow of doubt, no matter when it occurs or how long it occurs for, it's important to convey to the other person how you're feeling in order to let them know you're going through something and need some space to think things through and sort it out on your own. Both people have to be on the same page for the relationship to work, and if both people aren't, this is a precursor for bigger problems later on. Being honest when something is on your mind is the best thing that you can do for yourself as well as your significant other. It will spare their feelings a lot more than anything or anyone else would.

5. Make memories.

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If there's no history, there's nothing to ever live down. This doesn't mean you should go out and spend a ton of money on expensive fancy dates in order to remember your time together, it just means get creative with your thinking. Outside of the box are ideas that could be much more memorable than a trip to the movie theatre holding hands. Go outside for a walk, go to the beach, go to a lake or pond and go fishing. There are countless things that couples can do balling on a budget. These things are what makes being with someone worth it. Their presence is appreciated of course, but when you do things together and get through things together, it makes the heart and brain grow fonder of the opposite person.

Amidst all of this, it's important to understand that all couples are different and can have different ways of keeping themselves close together. These are all signs that a relationship will last if followed by, and can make a lasting relationship well worth the effort from the beginning.

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