11 Iconic Relationship Milestones, As Told By Rachel Green

11 Iconic Relationship Milestones, As Told By Rachel Green

Rachel always said it best.

Going through a breakup? Meeting someone new? Falling in love? It can be tough and exciting, but Rachel Green has something to say about it. Through her many memorable quotes, there are just some that fit every relationship milestone like no other:

1. The one when you see him for the first time.

2. The one when you kiss for the first time.

3. The one when he starts to discover your secrets.

4. The one when you start noticing his annoying habits.

5. The one when you have your first fight.

6. The one when you realize how in love you are.

7. The one when you get a little too comfortable.

8. The one when you start talking about weddings and children.

9. The one when you break up.

10. The one when you call him one last time.

11. The one when you realize you need your girls.

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To The Broken-Hearted, Take A Moment And Breathe

There’s always sunshine after rain.

To the broken-hearted,

They say a heartbreak can make you stronger, so why does it make you feel so weak?

You meet someone new and he makes you weak in the knees. You can’t help but laugh around him, and let loose. You become best friends then all of a sudden you’ve fallen in love with his smile, and the look he gives you. Everything is going great, meeting the families, enjoying holidays, and meeting friends. Then the storm comes and all you are doing is arguing over the tiny things, except this time someone ends it. The tears won’t stop flowing from your eyes and the song you love so much makes you mad.

Take a moment and breathe.

One day it won’t matter. I know it hurts now but in 20 years it won’t. You have to grow as a person from this heartbreak. Take this time to figure out who you want to be in 20 years.

The thing about being a millennial is at the age of 18-25 all you’re thinking about is finding the right person to call your husband/wife, to live in the big farmhouse, with your three dogs, and two kids. But the main focus should be on YOU. If you’ve found that love, I am beyond happy for you, but for someone who is going through this now, I understand. All I wanted was to live with my boyfriend and make it, but we both had some growing to do. Not physically but emotionally and mentally. You cannot be with someone if you are not with yourself first. You cannot give away love if you do not have that type of love invested in yourself.

It’s hard to move on, so don’t move from guy to guy or girl to girl. Take pride in yourself. Prosper at your job or in school. Dress up and go out with friends, or just dress up and go to Walmart. Stop looking for love in places unless it’s in you. You’re still young and have a lot to live for.

I’m not saying don’t look for love, because you should... but look for love in the little things. Go on a hike, join a gym, go to a park, or take a trip to the beach. Get up and do something instead of feeling sorry for yourself because, trust me, it does not matter how old you are or where you are, the one for you will be there. Give it time. But for now, get out of that dark place and find the light. There’s always sunshine after rain.


A Recovering Broken Heart.

Ps. A lot of this is advice from my mom... she’s pretty good at this.

Cover Image Credit: Jayden Trotter

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Looking Back On Random Tinder Matches From The Holidays

You'd be surprised with who you could've matched with!

It never fails that you match with someone completely unexpected on Tinder over the holidays whether it’s in your hometown or somewhere you’re visiting. Who you’d never expect to find on Tinder is Santa! Santa’s supposed to be at the North Pole working tirelessly on ensuring the happiness surrounding Christmas. You might have thought that Mr. and Mrs. Claus had a seamless and healthy relationship in which case you would be wrong.How do I know this? Well, Santa and Ms. Claus were both found looking for new life partners on Tinder!

During the Christmas season if you swiped right on Santa or Ms. Claus you were entered to win a unique ugly Christmas sweater, courtesy of Tipsy Elves. The sweaters said "Swipe Right for Ms. Claus" or "Swipe Right for Santa.” So maybe it was actually Tipsy Elves that was behind all of this and Santa and Ms. Claus' relationship is just fine and they were in fact at the North Pole. It's hard to say, but one thing that is for sure is that Tipsy Elves gave us all a laugh this holiday season.

So who’s the trickster behind this? Tipsy Elves was founded by, fellow Trojan, Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton. They weren’t always looking to gift people with the best ugly holiday sweaters ever. Evan and Nick both started off in different career paths. Evan was a lawyer and Nick was a dentist. They eventually teamed up for Tipsy Elves and were featured on Shark Tank, where Robert Herjavec invested in the company. Even though the holidays are over, you’re still in luck! Tipsy Elves has some pretty awesome winter wear and patriotic wear for the winter Olympics.

Lesson of this story? Santa is watching everywhere, even when you’re on Tinder.

Cover Image Credit: Tipsy Elves

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