When Your Relationship Is At Your Most Vulnerable, Please Remember To Stand Firm

When Your Relationship Is At Your Most Vulnerable, Please Remember To Stand Firm

Overcoming the obstacles is what makes the journey worth it.

In a relationship, being the bigger man is better said than done. It takes a good amount of sacrifice to be able to make food trips, give as much time as possible to her, and be able to love her unconditionally regardless of the flaws that come with dating your lovely woman. As a man, you're willing to make those sacrifices to be with your one and only as such. So when your relationship is at your most vulnerable (constant fights/arguing, lack of communication, etc.) how would you react?

Many of my friends gave me different opinions on what they felt was the right thing to do. Some said to just leave, abandoning all you and your love have built up and tearing it right back down to dust, assuming that hope is all lost. Others have said to try and work it out and that nothing is ever perfect (have a conversation, take her out to eat, go to the park with her, etc.) Another girl told me that she'd take a "break" for a bit before getting back with her boyfriend (didn't work out too well.) Then there's the craziest scenario.

Another girl has come into your life and has a crush on you. Yikes.

It's not just any girl. She's beautiful, talks about everything with you, is kind and respectful. This leaves you more vulnerable than any other scenario you can possibly imagine.

Yes, this was me.

How did I react? At the time, I just couldn't do it. I could not stoop so low as to cheat on anyone. As much as my girlfriend (now ex, unfortunately) hadn't communicated with me at all for weeks at a time and never saw me for months (strangely, since she was out of work at the time and wasn't in school), as much as the girl I was talking to was sweet and cute, I made a promise to stick through the trials and tribulations with my ride or die.

At my most vulnerable, I stood firm. I promised.

And even though my relationship ended a month later, I was proud of myself to be able to stand up for someone I love, regardless of the troubles it came with.

Being at your most vulnerable is difficult. However, always remember why you started dating your loved one. Stand firm.

Stand. Firm.

Cover Image Credit: @couplegoals

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5 Stores You Should Never Take Your Girlfriend To, Because You'll NEVER Get Out

You've heard the jokes about Target... they're real. It's a real problem.


There are some stores that really are money suckers... everything is cheap and cute, and you just want to buy everything. Guys, here are the seven stores you should NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances, shop at with your girlfriend!

1. Target

Kelsey Oseto / Instagram

Never EVER take your girlfriend here! She'll find an irresistable pair of booties she HAS to buy, or a cute new top, or some comfy sweats that would look super cute with that hoodie of yours. Don't do it.... just don't.

2. T.J.Maxx

T.J.Maxx / Instagram

This is another trap. Everything is cute and name-brand, and there will be something she wants, I promise. Last time I was there they had Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts on sale... really had to demonstrate self-control there.

3. Bath and Body Works

Bath & Body Works / Instagram

This one is especially dangerous because there's ALWAYS a sale, and you normally get a bunch of free products, so trying to not buy something is really REALLY hard. I always cave, I can't help it.

4. Yankee Candle, or any candle store.

Yankee Candle / Instagram

Candles are like a thing I buy and never use but can't talk myself out of buying. I love the way they smell, but I always forget about them. It's a slippery slope, and once you get started it's hard to stop buying them.

5. Forever 21

Forever21 / Instagram

Want a new outfit for the weekend? $20 and you're set. Girls LOVE Forever21, and it's so hard to say no when you find something you love for $10...

Well, fellas, I hope this list helped if you want to save money and/or time! Girlies, what are your favorite stores I forgot to mention?

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