5 Things You Can Relate To Living In Florida During the Summer

5 Things You Can Relate To Living In Florida During the Summer

It's a jungle out here.

It's summer time! You know what that means; sunny skies, relaxing at the beach or the pool, spending as much time outdoors as possible. Well, maybe you can relate to that if you don't live in Florida. Let's face it, the #ILiveWhereYouVacation is really just a cry for Instagram likes. Here are just a few things that every Florida native can relate to when living in the Sunshine State during the summer.

1. Weather can go from 0 to 100 real quick

One moment you're laying out by the pool: the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and everything seems all fine and peachy. Then all of a sudden, there's a faint thunder in the distance. Before you know it, the wind is up to 70 mph, rain is pelting down sideways, and it looks like the world is about to come to a complete end.

2. The elderly come out to play

Let's face it, in Florida at least half of the population consists of retirees. And while many of the snowbirds flock back to the Northeast to hook up with their old bingo friends, many of the old people want to party it up in paradise. This means senior discounts, swinger parties, and worst of all, old people driving on the roads.

3. The heat

"I'd rather be hot than cold," they say. Have you ever been so hot that you felt like your skin was melting and you were slowly suffocating? Have you ever walked 30 feet to your mailbox in the afternoon and came back inside drenched in sweat? No, I don't think so. Because no one would wish this pure torture upon someone else.

4. Tourists. Tourists everywhere

Now don't get me wrong, I love the fact that our tourism business keeps me from having to pay a state income tax every year. But there's so MANY of them. There are tourists at the beach trying to feed the seagulls (which you should never do by the way), there are tourists at water parks with their screaming children, there are tourists on the highway with no idea where they are going, there are even tourists at the local malls. Like DAMN don't you got malls in New Jersey? Thanks for your money, now leave me the hell alone.

5. The bugs return from the depths of hell

Now let's get this straight: Florida bugs are nothing like normal bugs. We've got mosquitos the size of baseball gloves and cockroaches that fly! Florida bugs are terrifying! And during the summer, they return in full force. No one is safe.

Cover Image Credit: The Daily Chronic

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Setting Sail at Sunset on The Schooner Pride

The Schnooer Pride hosts Charleston-area locals and tourists alike on sunset cruises around the Charleston Harbor.

The Schnooer Pride hosts Charleston-area locals and tourists alike on sunset cruises around the Charleston Harbor.

6:00 PM, Having Just Boarded the Schooner Pride:

All is right in the world aboard The Schooner Pride at the end of April in Charleston, South Carolina--seagulls gawking in the wind, the waves bristling about below, the sound of rope to hand as crew members hurriedly scatter about the vessel, dolphins gracefully playing a game of hide-and-go-seek with those aboard the boat, the smell of simply sweet miniature waffles, and the subtle murmur of fellow passengers flowing in both ears--life doesn't get any better than this.

I realize why sea captains of old deemed Charleston "The Holy City," as steeples tower over the flatscape of the peninsula. The Sullivan's Island Lighthouse, The Ravenel Bridge, and The U.S.S. Yorktown are too in plain sight. The vessel twists and turns about the harbor so that passengers on both sides of the boat find delight in the sight of each-and-every landmark visible from the water of the Charleston Harbor.

8:00 PM, Nearing the Docks of the Aquarium Wharf:

As the sun sets behind the steeple-ridden skyline, I can't help but find beauty in the notion that I am from such an incredible city. From the angles provided by the boat-view of the city, Charleston isn't too big, and it isn't too small. It's just the right size. Suddenly, traffic and the honking of horns in the suburbs isn't bothering me, and the plight of parking downtown isn't so bad either. The Holy City is quite literally holy and lovely. Lovely? I know, my word choice seems like a cliche description of a cityscape that deserves more of a grandiose, pompously southern response. But, this isn't Southern Charm, so I have chosen the word "lovely." Because, perhaps, such a description is simply Charleston. She is lovely. I can't bring myself to post to Instagram or stand to snap a photograph with my friends at this moment. I take it in. I admire the scenery around me. I become one with the subtle ripple of the waves around me. I am at peace.

8:30 PM, Walking Down the Gangplank in Thought:

The Schooner Pride, a mere sailing vessel, overtakes my perspective of the city, I have taken my home for granted. I am disembarking from the boat acutely aware of my surroundings. My friends and I stroll past the tree-lined epicenter of the South Carolina Aquarium and swiftly cross East Bay Street. Even the parking garage is "nice" when compared to such facilities elsewhere. I am suddenly overflowing with gratitude for the All-America City.

Today, In Reflection:

One week later, the impact of my voyage still lingers overtop my heart. From one wanderer to another, this sunset sail, The Schooner Pride, will not disappoint anyone with whom she encounters.


Cover Image Credit: Katherine Stall

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