Working retail is a love hate relationship. While hours spent folding jeans and searching through the black hole that is the back room for another size can get long and boring there is nothing like the satisfaction of a good sale or the bond you make with your coworkers.

Finding the perfect balance

There is a spot right between crazy, overwhelmingly busy and totally dead, where working retail is actually pretty fun. You are not dying of boredom as you pretend to organize a perfect shelf , but you don't feel like you're drowning in a pile of sweaters you folded five minutes ago. The only problem is, this sweet spot comes like once a month and lasts for about ten minutes.

The Store Music

The songs were super catchy the first time around. The three and half hour long playlist starts to get super old when it's only changed once every four months. What's worse is when you hear one of the songs in real life and have a strange sensation that you should be removing security tags off of merchandise.

Using Walkie Talkies

While it is definitely fun to gossip with coworkers over the line, these can get super distracting when your manager is asking you to do something else, or an epic roast is going down, and you are trying to help a customer.

New Floor-sets

There is nothing quite like walking into your store after two days off and being totally disoriented. There is also nothing like trying to find out where all the new merchandise goes while trying to look professional, helpful and not totally clueless with a customer.

Spending all your money on clothes from the store

Yeah that employee discount is amazing, no it is not getting you the twelve items you just got for free.

The Sale Rack

The only way to remain sane is to accept the fact that no matter how hard you try, the sale rack will always look like it was just hit by a small tornado.

Not being able to help a customer

It really is a sad feeling when the store is totally out of stock or simply doesn't carry an item that a customer is looking for.