15 Relatable Female Struggles

"Wow being a girl is so great, you get to put on pretty make up, and do up your hair and leggings are now socially acceptable as pants!" Yes, being a girl is pretty great and I would never want to have issues like shaving my beard everyday or having to wear a cup when I wanted to play a contact sport, but let's be real ladies, the daily process of getting ourselves to look presentable is a STRUGGLE. Like having to awkwardly stretch your leg up the slippery wall in the shower to shave when there's no convenient place to put your leg (like why do people still build showers without leg rests?!) and when you need to buy a bra and walk around the store oddly groping each one, commenting "wow this is so squishy!" or "there's not even any room for my boob in here!" The stuff we have to deal with is just weird. Maybe wearing a cup doesn't sound so bad after all...

1. Taking 20 minutes in the morning to put on mascara only to spend all day picking it off

2. Trying to hold your legs up against the shower wall to shave them when there's no leg rest

3. Trying to put on leggings when you get out of the shower

4. When your comb gets stuck in your hair

5. When you go to target with true intentions of not buying shoes....or sweaters...

6. The 'skinny jean dance' you do every morning

7. You decide to be super healthy and eat a yogurt and salad for dinner and then attack a whole Ben and Jerry's pint an hour later

8. Falling asleep before your nails have completely dried

9. Opening your closet everyday and saying "I literally have nothing to wear"

10. Holding up leggings in a store trying to decide if they're see through or not

11. Walking around Victoria Secret squeezing all the bras, weirding even yourself out just a little bit

12. Proceeding to check out with your $200 shopping cart and then questioning if it's really worth it when you see the $7 shipping charge

13. Sitting in front of the mirror plucking your eyebrows for a solid 20 minutes only to lean back and realize your left eyebrow is practically missing

14. Realizing you wear black leggings everyday and people probably think you only have one pair of pants... I promise I don't

15. Opening your laptop to start homework and then before you know it you're six episodes deep in Friends

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