My heart loves a lot of things, and a lot of people; and my heart breaks for a lot of things, and a lot of people. Many of these people who are so close to my heart are on my mind this week as so much turmoil, pain, loss, and suffering is among them and their people. These people on my mind tonight are Muslim and Middle Eastern Refugees. This isn't going to be a long post that I've worked on for weeks, where I've done extensive research and proofread it a million times. This post only contains a few paragraphs tops of what is in my heart; my feelings about this recent events, and how we should respond in light of recent events.

Many of you, if you have read my articles before, know that this connection of mine with refugees was fostered in Athens, Greece; where I have collectively given about 6 weeks of my time to mission work and evangelization specifically with the refugees who live there.

All of these faces in the pictures above are some of the most beautiful, hospitable, and loving people I have ever met. I am extremely humbled and lucky to have met these people and my heart feels so much compassion for them. The reason I was able to be connected with these people, however, is because they fled their war-torn, corrupt countries in hopes of a better life, and are struggling to do so. Many of these refugees have hopes of coming to America, where I truly believe they should be welcomed. As Americans, we, unfortunately, have a difficult time understanding exactly what these people go through, and it breaks my heart to imagine that after fleeing their home country, searching for peace, and trying to find a home, we deny them this opportunity of that home in our country.

Since the terrorist attacks in Europe, and across the United Sates, many government officials have argued to turn these people away from our country and our resources, with the misguided concern that they are a risk to the United States. The most recent being President Trump's "Muslim Ban". Of course, I am against the cowardly attacks performed by groups such as ISIS and Al Queda in many different countries, but I think that we are in no place to take out our nation's anger on innocent refugees because of their religion, ethnicity, or appearance.

I don't mean to stick my nose in politics where it doesn't belong, or to force my opinion on those who don't care to read it. However, if you've read this to the end, I challenge you to pray for our country, our government officials, the refugees fleeing for peace, and for the current standing of this crisis. I strongly believe that our government is extremely capable of bringing peace to this conflict one day, that not all Middle Eastern people are terrorists, that Americans should be as hospitable to Middle Eastern people as to anyone else, and that wisdom will prevail and a solution will be found for these people so close to my heart.