The time is near for us college students. When we conclude another year, say goodbye, and get ready for another one or prepare to graduate. Lucky for me, I won't be graduating this year. I still have two more years left. As my second semester at Montclair State University concludes, here's a look back some of my experiences and memories I made here.

My favorite part of the first semester was not being as busy as I was the second semester. Since my classes weren't as challenging, I got to have some fun. This consisted of taking trips into the city, embarking on other things off campus, and attending some events on campus. One of my favorite memories of the semester was going to Fright Fest with my friends. Whether it was screaming riding on Kingda Ka or chilling at my house after, it was a memory worth waiting for. Other trips I'll never forget taking were seeing tapings of "Good Morning America," "Live With Kelly and Ryan," and "Megyn Kelly Today." As a journalism major who plans to have a career in the field and even have jobs like theirs, entering their studios and seeing them is always a great time. Speaking with them as well is always fun. I'll never forget taking selfies and talking about the Giants with Michael Strahan, speaking about my career plans with Robin Roberts, and telling Kelly Ripa how much I want to guest co-host with her. Overall, they always have great advice to give to their fans and they really try to connect with you.

While the first semester went a little quicker then I wanted it to, it wasn't long before the second semester arrived. This one was more challenging for me. I took harder classes and had a busier schedule. Since my schedule was busier, I wasn't able to do everything I did my past three semesters here in Montclair. As a matter of fact, all the good memories came toward the end of it. By April, I was doing more things I planned all semester to do. This consisted of getting a tour radio studios such as WFAM, 1010Wins, among others, seeing Cheat Codes perform on campus, attending a Mets game, covering M-glow, interviewing the former Ceo of Viacom, along with covering The Montclair Film Festival. while attending Montclair Film Festival event, I got to chat with film producers, directors along with actors Nick Offerman and Jeff Daniels.

Overall, despite its challenges, it was a great semester. Better academically then socially. Socially, things were better my freshmen year however, one thing I did learn was, you'll have questionable times with your friends. Sometimes you might really ask yourself if they're really who they are but, when you show you're there for them, they will show they are there for you.