There is a stigma in our society that defines healthy as someone who is skinny, eats only foods dubbed “healthy," works out everyday, and is in incredible shape both endurance and strength wise. Anyone who strays outside the constraints of this narrow definition is not healthy, right? WRONG. This cannot be a more distorted view of a healthy person, and there is much more to being healthy than just eating and exercise. Healthy means happy. Someone who is genuinely happy, doing whatever it is that they love and taking care of their body by both fueling it with healthy foods and rewarding cravings when necessary. If you enjoy running, run. If you enjoy lifting weights, lift weights. If you enjoy yoga, pilates, sports, or just going for a daily walk, do that. THIS is what society should think of when they think of what healthy looks like. It’s not about how someone looks from the outside, but how they feel on the inside. This varies from person to person and everyone’s definition of healthy will be different. Achieving balance is the ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle. It’s time we break the stigma and promote healthy as happy, whatever that means for you personally.