Each year, there are hundreds of fundraisers and events for causes around the world. From raising money for individuals, to groups of people, the world is always in need. It seems like people are always asking for something here or there. As the world is always in need, some people may be frustrated and annoyed with always be asked to donate money. However, this is a cause that everyone should take notice of and consider donating to.

Red Nose Day. What is it exactly? Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign to raise awareness and money to help kids in America and other countries. Their main mission is to help lift children out of poverty. Don't think this is just any normal fundraiser though, there's a twist. Red Nose Day is a time to have fun and be funny while helping others. They promote being silly and entertaining others to raise money. Red Nose Day is run by the non-profit organization, Comic Relief Inc. This organization has raised over $1 billion globally over the last 25 years.

There are many partners who impact this fundraiser such as Boys and Girls Club of America, Feeding America, The Global Fund, Save the Children, and more. Half the money raised will be distributed to assist in the United States and the other half in poor communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa. The money raised is put towards multiple things: funding food banks, safe learning, preventing diseases in some countries, access to medical services, clean water and vaccines.

To take a look at things, here are a few examples of what your money can do.

$1= A meal for a child in a homeless shelter.

$4= An anti-malarial net for a mother and child.

$5=Antibiotics to treat a child with pneumonia, medical supplies for a doctor on a mobile visit.

There are many ways that you can help and fundraise for this cause. Your first step is to go to any Walgreen's and grab yourself a red nose. The money will go towards the campaign, and from there you can donate more money or even start a fundraiser yourself.

Thursday, May 26 on NBC at 9 p.m. will be a live T.V. special, where stars will gather to provide entertainment and raise money. Take a peek for a good laugh and to contribute to such a good cause. Check out their website for more information.