We've all experienced it: a bad date. You've taken extra time to make yourself look like you didn't eat ice cream for breakfast and you haven't shaven your legs in weeks. You've got a cute and reasonably polite guy taking you out to dinner, and you're thinking way too far ahead of yourself. Maybe he'll be the guy you've been waiting for. Maybe he'll bring you flowers. Maybe you'll love telling the story together to your friends years later about the night that started it all. These thoughts run through your mind all before you put your lipstick on, and when he texts you, "here," your palms immediately start clamming up and your heart races. Little do you know, you're heading into a disaster. After a bad date, here's how to get over it.

1. Take off your makeup.

Whatever you do, do not go to bed in the clothes and makeup you have on, no matter how disappointed you feel. You'll wake up and feel just as crappy. Take off your makeup, wash your face, and brush your teeth. Literally washing off everything you just went through will make a difference. It feels amazing to just be in your own skin and pretend you didn't just waste two hours of your life.

2. Shake it off, literally.

Whether it's T-Swift, Flocka, or Justin Bieber, just dance it out. Dancing makes you happy, and T-Swift wasn't kidding when she told us how great it feels to "Shake it Off." Just dance until all your unmet expectations don't bother you anymore. Try to forget when he asked if you wanted to split the check, and shimmy away from the memory of his handshake when he dropped you off. Invite anyone nearby to dance with you, as they also saw that he was wearing a baseball cap when he picked you up.

3. Eat a pint of ice cream.

After that meal you had to pay for, you deserve some sweet compensation. Dig into that Ben & Jerry's you were saving for finals week, because you deserve it. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is combine steps 3 and 4. This makes for a perfect combination of "I don't care" and "Don't kill my vibe." If you want to follow up your ice cream with an entire king-size pack of Reese's cups, nobody will yell at you.

4. Sleep until the latest possible moment the next day.

Even if he tries to text you an hour later (which he probably won't), put your phone away and hit the hay. You had a long night. You went through some big ups and downs, and you're going to need some extra hours of sleep to balance your emotions. You just went from wondering what he'll wear to your sorority socials to never wanting to remember your first date with him. Your emotions went through a lot tonight, so give them a break.

5. Stay positive.

Sometimes it's hard not to think way too far into the future when you meet a new guy. A bad date can do a number on your self-esteem if you let it, but don't fret little one. There is nothing wrong with you, because you are beautiful and strong, and going on bad dates just makes the good ones that much better. So do what you do and keep being amazing, and you'll find the perfect guy to settle for when the time comes.