Why You Might Want To Reconsider If You Support "Anti-Abortion"

Why You Might Want To Reconsider If You Support "Anti-Abortion"

Are you ready to adopt some of the thousands of foster care children?

If you are against abortions, would you be willing to adopt some of the thousands of kids that are placed into foster care and put up for adoption because their parents had them when they couldn’t take care of them?

If abortions were illegal, people would have kids even if they didn’t want them or they would be placed in foster care.

In America, about 670,000 children (as of 2015) have spent time in foster care. In that same year (2015), about 62,000 children’s parents lost parental rights and all of those children had to wait to be adopted or had to age out of the foster care system.

A summary is simply this: hundreds of thousands of children are awaiting foster families and for the chance to be adopted because their parents didn’t want them, didn’t know how to care for them, or couldn’t even care for themselves, let alone children.

People aren’t even adopting all of the foster children who went unwanted. This means 20,000 children aged out of the system, meaning they turned 18 and were thrown out into the world on their own.

Yes, some children went through transition programs, but some were not given the choice or did not take the opportunity and repeated the cycle.

Take a look at the multiple news sources that are shouting articles along the lines of “Number of Foster Care Children Growing At An Alarming Rate." The number of children in foster care is increasing gradually.

If we implement anti-abortion laws around America’s states, what would that mean for further foster care numbers? Most likely, we would see a tremendous increase in foster care children and adults aging out of the system, resulting in more adults who make less-than-pleasant choices.

Maybe you think the foster care children might not affect you personally.

We were paying, as taxpayers in 2006, about $40,000 on each child in foster care or about $22 Billion in taxes a year as American people altogether. It's 2017 and this has gone up.

Let's also take a look at more ethical reasons. Yes, many people believe that abortions are ‘murder’. To some people, yes, it is. Let’s take a look at more of the reality that foster care children face when born to parents who didn’t necessarily want them.

Children who are unwanted by their parents are often abused physically, sexually or mentally. They can also be neglected by their parents, meaning that they will not receive enough food, love, warmth, medical care, clothes, etc. This can result in a child’s self-esteem deteriorating and, if we look at it on a larger level, we could see an increase of violence and mental imbalance in our society.

Neglect and abuse from parents will result in handfuls of children who need more help from taxpayers, including help in schools, money towards jails and prisons if a child lives their life only knowing hatred, violence and crime, more taxes for welfare programs to help these foster care children when they are on their own, more taxes for programs to get aging out foster kids on their feet and so, so much more.

Abortion is not an easy thing to do, but neither is bringing a child into the world where they are hated, abused or neglected. It’s easy to say to a person who doesn’t want a child to "just not get pregnant and practice safe sex." Let’s be honest here. Some people lack the intelligence to use preventative practices. It’s reality.

I’m not saying they should use abortion to get out of their mistakes. I believe that abortions should be justified and more testing after an abortion should be done to implement the understanding of what may have been done in certain cases. More classes should be available for those who need to understand preventative care and, perhaps, how to care for a child.

If we think about anti-abortion being a law, we would probably see an increase in child and young-adult suicides. Teens and young adults who know they are unloved and see no way to make their life different might take suicide as a way out.

What do we want for a child who we know might live their life to be hated? Early termination or a life of pain and a feeling of hopelessness and ultimate suicide?

Yes, there are always those who get adopted.

How can I forget those who are adopted and support pro-choice when we could be terminating the life of a child who could have a chance at a better life?

I understand how hard the decision can be.

I have personally seen a painful life lived by someone close to me who was unwanted, abused, neglected and mistreated by their parents. I personally know what a second chance can mean, but I stick with this decision: Pro-choice, not pro-abortion. I believe that if a woman is absolutely not ready to care for a child, they should not.

So unless you are shouting "Anti-Abortion!" because you want to adopt and care for those in foster-care, I suggest you take a step back and ask yourself why you are taking that stand. I'm not saying you can't be anti-abortion, but I don’t believe it can simply be because "I don’t want a baby murdered!" It is more complex than that. If you are willing to tell a woman that she can’t get an abortion because she knows she will lose her child to the foster care system, then you should be willing to take that child in and change its life for the better.

Cover Image Credit: ThePrettyLieOrTheUglyTruth

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Cover Image Credit: Danielle Balint

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When Words Are Not Enough

Sometimes you just need to be.


Life is a roller-coaster of ups and downs. We all desire easy fruitful lives where no one ever dies and no one ever leaves. Instead, we suffer through hardships and great trials that test our faith. These conflicts often leave us worn down and feeling helpless. This is the time when words become a languid breeze, going through one ear and out the other. This is what you should do when words are not enough to satiate the pain you hold in trembling hands.

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These tragedies you face are real, and they try to break down the very substances that make you who you are. Counselors and therapists can help you make sense of the burden you carry. There are many reasons why you might be hesitant to see a therapist, but if the burden you carry becomes too much, a therapist can help you lighten that load.

Know that what you are going through is real and it is tough, but you will make it out on top. You are a survivor and a success story. Every single bad thing that has tried to tear you down hasn't succeeded, and this will be no different. Trust me, your story is not over.

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