Day in and day out everything I hear about on the news is negative, heartbreaking and beyond tragic. So let me flood your mind with some of the greater good.

1. Famous basketball player, Shaq, selling affordable shoes

Most athletes that have shoe contracts sell sportswear at outrageous prices. Yet Shaq is out here providing awesome shoes for $16.99 and up! What a way to change the world.

2. Mac Miller's parents were invited to the Grammy's and sadly he didn't win an award, but...

Cardi B posted a video on Twitter thanking everyone for nominating her and pushing her to succeed. During that video, she said, "I read an article that Mac Miller's family said that if he don't win they want me to win, so I'm sharing this Grammy with you mother f$*#%r, rest in peace!" If you follow Cardi and you are a big fan of Mac, this is so heartwarming.

3. The ozone layer is recovering

Thanks to the chemical ban, the hole in the ozone layer is recovering, which is seriously awesome!

4. The brain region related to loss of pleasure was identified

In other words, the region related to loss of pleasure seen in depression was identified! So to my folks that struggle, this is just a new beginning.

5. We can make batteries out of carbon dioxide

In the future, we could possibly begin to mass produce these batteries. Say goodbye to global warming and all of the other bad things carbon dioxide has to offer!

6. Solar powered weed-killing-robots

This piece of machinery could save farmers thousands of dollars.

7. A beagle (dog) that lost her litter formed an unbreakable bond with a baby possum

But seriously, how sweet is this? We don't deserve dogs.

8. Bottle deposit systems are hitting high redemption rates

Starting with Oregon, they're recycling 90 percent of beverage containers. Another perfect start to clean our oceans up.

9. Rabbi was worried no one would come to Holocaust survivor's funeral, but Facebook saved the day 

Eddie Ford, a brave Holocaust survivor passed away on January 31st. There were concerns about people attending his funeral... so after a Facebook invitation 200 people showed up.

10. A little boy parked his bike in the same spot every single day for a year... then a sticker appeared in his parking spot

After a little boy parked his bike by a lamppost almost every day for a year, a sticker with a photo of his bike that said "parking only" was put on the lamppost. This was a total surprise to the young boy and his mother.

If these stories don't warm your heart, I don't know what will!