9 Reasons Why You Should Re-Binge ​"Grey’s Anatomy"

I started watching "Grey's Anatomy" in 2016 when I was healing from a neck injury and forced to stay on the couch for a couple of weeks. I binge-watched 12 seasons before the 13th season came out and I needed a break.

Ever since then, I've watched it as it comes on TV and it amazes me that there are still more seasons coming out. Now, I'm rewatching the show from the beginning and it's astounding how much the characters have gone through over the years. I'm glad that I decided to start over; it's worth every sobbing moment.


There's nothing better than some good drama and "Grey's Anatomy" has plenty of it. From affairs to sex in the on-call room to fights between friends. There's nothing better.

Crazy medical cases

The more you watch, the more you want to become a surgeon but sometimes it's better to live vicariously through the characters. From insane traumas to sick family members, the cases always surprise you.


Christina and Meredith are the depiction of friendship; they go through it all together. The good and the bad, even if things seem rough, they are always there for each other.


Meredith and Derek. Enough said.

Quotes, quotes, quotes


The quotes at the end of each episode always hit me in my feels. There's a quote for every feeling and situation. It makes the show that much more relatable.

Boss ass bitches

Miranda Bailey is the definitely of a badass. She whips her interns into shape and doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Hot guys

McSteamy here to fight for top dog against McDreamy.

Rise of the dead

So many people die in this show and seeing them alive again is chilling. Even though they're just characters, it makes you think about how many people actually die every day and how difficult it is to be a doctor.

Character development

After watching the 15th season, going back and seeing all of the characters young again made me think about everything they’ve been through and how much they’ve changed.

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