5 Reasons For Women To Vote Republican This Midterm Season
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5 Reasons For Women To Vote Republican This Midterm Season

Let's break down the issues...who's really the party of women?


It is unfortunate that many people view the Democratic party as the "party of women" for two reasons. First, women are not a special interest group; we're half of the human race. All issues are women's issues.

I am beyond insulted at the suggestion that my uterus is the only deciding factor in my candidate selection since I happen to care about, be affected by, and hold opinions on a wide range of public policy subjects. Women are not just walking reproductive systems any more than men are, but many Democrats think they're entitled to our votes just because they support what they call "reproductive rights" (we'll get to that later.)

Second, and more importantly, the Democrats are not pro-woman by a long shot, and here are five reasons why they don't deserve your vote on November 6th.

1. Democrats overtax hardworking women.

I went to college and fought tooth and nail to stay in. Eight-hour visits to the library are routine for me. I lined up a full-time job, and I will be contributing to the economy. And yet, next year when I start working, I am cringing in advance just thinking about the obscene amount of taxes I will have to pay since I don't have any dependents to claim. When I worked in Ohio over the summer, which has federal, state, and city income tax, and filled out my W-2 as a single head of household, taxes consumed almost half of my paycheck. I worked 40 hours per week at 12 dollars an hour, so each biweekly paycheck should have been $960, but they were usually a bit south of $500. Next year, I will be making a lot more, but paying a lot more in taxes.

But will Democrats be satisfied even then? Of course not. They still want free college, free healthcare, free tampons, free birth control, free everything, without considering that all this free stuff does not materialize out of nowhere. There is no such thing as free stuff; only free for you. More free stuff from the government will require the government to milk the taxpayers even more. What if, instead of forcing women like me to buy things for other women, we all go to work and buy our own stuff? Why should I have to buy other women birth control when I don't even buy it for myself?

Of course I understand that some women have IQ's of 75 and aren't capable of doing any jobs, and some cannot find jobs, and others chose to have babies and childcare is too expensive, but none of that is my fault or choice so I shouldn't be forced to financially compensate for it. I can just hear the mobs screaming that I am greedy, so I rejoin with this quote from Thomas Sowell (source): "I have never understood why it is greed to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take someone else's money." Women who want to keep our hard-earned money are not greedy. Democrats who want everyone else to pay for their physiological needs, personal choices, and external circumstances are the greedy ones.

2. Democrats subtly undermine women almost constantly.

I wrote an article two weeks ago detailing at length the ways in which liberals treat women as limp, helpless victims of a patriarchal society which can immobilize us and render us powerless merely by not putting pockets in our clothes, turning the office AC down too much, mansplaining, "pressuring" us to wear makeup, and more. To even take any of that seriously and label it sexism is implicitly saying that women are weak, and I don't appreciate that at all. In fact, I resent it very highly. One might even say I'm offended.

It gets worse than that, however. When I was a young teenage girl who wanted to be an engineer, feminist friends, and relatives, usually older, wealthy white women who were not engineers, warned me at length that I would be heavily discriminated against, not taken seriously, and sexually harassed almost continuously. It scared the daylights out of me and caused me to seriously consider whether it was worth it. Imagine my disgust, four years later, at having skated through the second-most-conservative engineering school in the country with nothing but hearty support, equal treatment, and respect from male professors, TA's, and classmates. Feminists apparently only like to use their scare tactics on young impressionable girls, however, because my recent challenge for them to come tell me to my face that I'm a victim and people want me to fail has been met with crickets.

This alone would be reason enough for me to withhold my vote from the Democrats. Why would I vote for a party with such a low opinion of women? Why should I feel anything except alienation from a group of people who almost scared me away from my dream career just to push their political agenda? To me, it couldn't be more obvious that Democrats would only be too happy if I failed because then they could add me to a statistic and weaponize it to claim sexism. Why can't I just be human and fail sometimes? Do I not even have enough agency to fail at something of my own fault, or am I merely a weak puppet of the patriarchy, tossed around by the whims of old Republican men?

3. Democratic policies enabled the murder of over 30 million women.

According to Life News, there have been 60,069,971 abortions since abortion was legalized on a federal level in 1973. Presumably half of these were baby girls, the oldest of whom would be 45 years old now. That's well over 30 million women missing from the world thanks to toxic, cancerous, morally bankrupt, progressive reasoning.

Of course, I couldn't be more familiar with Democrat's preferred phrasing of this genocide. "All 60,000,000 of their mothers were women, and women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies!"

But do Democrats really believe that women are capable of making informed decisions about what to do with their bodies if they insist that women need to be able to turn to murder if they change their minds about their decisions, or if their decision wasn't actually informed?

Let's take me as an example. I am 22 years old and have not had any children. Why don't I have any children? For important religious reasons (I am not nor have I ever been married), but secondarily because I am in no position to raise them and give them a good life. Do you know how much my decision not to reproduce has cost me? It's free. I have spent $0.00 on my reproductive choices all-time. This is not out of any woman's reach. We aren't jackrabbits who mindlessly have sex and can't stop. True and genuine autonomy is making, paying for, and taking responsibility for your own choices. When you are depending on someone else to pay for your choices, that person is eventually going to get a say in them, and I shudder at the thought.

To say that women absolutely have to have free birth control and abortions suggests that women are not capable or shouldn't be expected to exercise this autonomy for some other reason. A human who claims to be independent, resourceful and the mistress of her own fate severely undermines herself when she demands the "right" to murder the result of her choices. We are not animals. We don't just mindlessly reproduce without really controlling or being aware of the circumstances. And yet, the arguments in defense of abortion on demand essentially assume that is the case.

4. Democrats oppose a woman's right to defend themselves from predatory men.

I am 5'3 on a good day and weigh 115 pounds soaking wet. Moreover, I am an independent, busy, albeit small human who needs to go places and do things outside the house, including at night, where there are many other much larger humans who may wish me harm. Clearly, if it came to a battle of physical strength alone between me and literally any man, I would lose, obviously through no fault of my own. I should have the right to be small and to safely go anywhere I want whenever I want, and I know Democrats agree...but these dangerous men do not.

There's a device out there which can level that playing field flatter than an airstrip in Kansas and enable me to easily defend myself from the largest and meanest man out there, and Democrats don't want me to be able to have one. If they really cared so much about true equality, they would love the idea of every mentally stable, trained woman carrying a gun with her wherever she goes. I guarantee you that if all capable women had guns, we would find that disrespectful men get a lot more quiet. Catcalling would suddenly seem a lot less appealing as a recreational activity. Rape could be met with deadly force. The biological differences between men and women that many feminists hate so much would become a lot less relevant in matters of safety.

5. Democrats apply their warped view of humanity to women first.

If you boiled down my opposition to the Democratic party and all that it stands for, it would essentially reduce to this: The Democrats do not view humans as independent, intelligent, resourceful, and proud citizens created in the image of God. Rather, they see a herd of sheep who aren't capable of caring for, defending, or making choices for themselves and need to be babied by the government. And they start with women every time--women cannot buy their own personal hygiene products and birth control, women can be blown over by the slightest sexist breeze, women should not be able to defend themselves from rapists, women cannot handle the consequences of their own reproductive choices, women need free abortion and birth control because they can't not have sex.

It is interesting that they apply their warped view of humanity to women first. It seems to suggest that they think it'd be easier to make the case this way, or that they view us as the easier half of humanity to control. I happen not to have a problem with the idea that women are smaller, weaker, and more vulnerable due to our larger role in human reproduction...but that sure doesn't sound like an idea Democrats would be comfortable with!

So here we reach the heart of Democrat's manipulation of women: deprive us our equality, tell us we're victims, take away our right to defend ourselves, and confiscate our hard-earned money because we are strong and independent. Who needs men when you have the government?

I'm not playing that game. I'm also not blind to the fact that my independence only goes so far, especially after I have children, but I will choose mutual interdependence with a man who cares for my well-being as I care for his, and to face life together, independent, needing no one but God and each other, with freedom and agency to make choices and accept their consequences, to work hard and to enjoy the results. The party that defends the right of women to live even while still fetuses, wants women to be free to keep the money they earn, and to protect themselves from rape more rightfully deserves the title "the party for women." And that is the heart of why I vote Republican.

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