Waking up every morning can be challenging. Tragedy unfolds left and right. The unexpected jumps are out of nowhere. It's almost as if happiness is dying and depression is rising. With what the world has become, we need less tears and more smiles. Most importantly, the human population, need more laughs. Here are seven reasons why the world needs comedy.

1. Relieves Stress

Times are difficult. Money can be tight. People can be jerks. But just one joke, can lighten up somebody's day. One joke can freeze the stress on a person's mind and get them to laugh for a few mintues. As my old superintendent once said, "Make somebodys day today".

2. Generates Happiness

Let's face it, in the year 2017, it's hard to be a young adult. We are the most glued to social media. The content viewed on there, can make or break somebodys day. In situations like those, hearing a single punchline, can create various smiles and make us think of the pros life has to offer.

3. Builds Relationships

In any relationship, the most important thing isn't just trust. It's being able to laugh with and have fun with that significant other. With some humor, two people can become closer together and see two postive unseen sides of each other.

4. Inspires People

Due to all the sources this generation is given, a comedian's work can be viewed now more then ever. Just by one tap an indivudal can laugh, be motivated, and escape their comfort zone.

5. Helps Capture the Moment

Surprsingly, there is something still existent that can defer us from technology. Ironically, comedy is one of those things. A majority of the time, when people are together laughing, phones can be viewed less and interaction with smiles is behold.

6. Shapes Diversity

With all the diverse comedians the media promotes, society is shown through appearance and humor how the world is mixed ethnically and comedians aren't just black and white. Neither is society.

7. Allows People to Talk

Whether it's a comedy club, talk show, or other type of media, indiviudals aren't afraid to dismiss whats on their mind - especially when trying to make others laugh.