The holiday season is my favorite time of the year and it should be your's too. These are the reasons I think it is the best.

  1. Pumpkin Patches
  2. Ice skating
  3. Everything is decorated
  4. Thanksgiving=food
  5. Food makes everyone happy
  6. People are happier during the holiday season
  7. Season of giving
  8. Everything is festive
  9. Friends become closer
  10. Family time
  11. College kids get to go home
  13. Thanksgiving food is the best food
  14. Finally a home-cooked meal
  15. Relaxation time
  16. Christmas music is the best music
  17. Christmas trees everywhere
  18. Bath and Body Works fall/winter candles are the best
  19. Colder weather
  20. Bonfires
  21. Fireplace fires
  22. Hot chocolate
  23. Christmas movies
  24. Starbucks red cups
  25. Panera soup on a cold day
  26. Comfy clothing
  27. Curling up on the couch with many blankets
  28. Hot chocolate
  29. Christmas lights
  30. Fall clothes are the cutest
  31. Boots are the best shoes
  32. You can wear sweatshirts all the time
  33. White Christmas’ are amazing
  34. Gift giving makes everyone feel good
  35. Baking