Spring, summer, winter, and fall. All the seasons seem to mesh together day by day. But when you step back, it is so easy to see how different they each are. And with so many different people in this world and four completely unique seasons, the discussion about what season is the best is never-ending. I know that every season has its perks and positives, but summertime definitely takes the cake.

Of course, the best season is an opinion and to each their own, but here's why there should be no debating that summer is the best.

1. Sunny, 85 degree days

Need I say more? The warmer the day, the happier I am. Summer temperatures are what makes this season worth waiting for.

2. Beach trips, duh!

Nothing beats the beach. Nothing. So, summer automatically wins in my book with all of the beach trips it makes possible.

3. Late, (warm) nights

Did I say warm? There's nothing better than walking outside to your car to go home and getting hit with the summer air late at night.

4. School's out ~forever~

Or maybe just for a little bit. Those couple months do feel like forever for a while, though.

5. Driving with the windows down

Music up, windows down. I love the summer breeze through the car windows. I know that you "can" roll your windows down during the fall and spring, but summer is the only time when you are guaranteed to not get cold from any breeze.

6. Getting your summer glow

Everybody feels better with a tan, right?

7. Classic summer BBQs

There is only one season that brings to mind parties with family and friends outside around the grill, pool, and patio: summer. These parties and the memories they make are what set summer apart.

8. Bonfires and s'mores

With these BBQs in mind, bonfires and s'mores are never far behind. You know it's summer when your marshmallow has just caught on fire again and you really don't even care.

9. Less worries, more summer days

The dog days of summer have a way of taking away all of life's troubles. I mean how can you complain when it's summer?

If I could live in a world where it's summer every day, I would. Especially if I could spend all my days on the beach.