7 Reasons To Watch 'The Umbrella Academy'

7 Reasons To Watch 'The Umbrella Academy'

A cinematic masterpiece based off a comic series


Warning! There won't be any major spoils here, but if you want to go in completely blind to this wonderful show, head to Netflix and stop reading here.

1. The Hargreaves Children

In 1989 there were 43 babies born to women who were not pregnant the day they gave birth to them. Reginald Hargreaves was able to adopt seven of those superpowered children and train them to save the world. Reginald Hargreaves originally gave them numbers, but they all took on names except Number Five. They are as follows: Number One is Luther, Number Two is Diego, Number Three is Alison, Number Four is Klaus, Number Six is Ben, and Number Seven is Vanya. They all have complicated relationships with one another, which stems from their distant, cruel father.

2. The Super Powers

The superpowers of the children are insane and incredibly strange in this show, some being as simple as being able to curve any object thrown, or as great as being able to summon a giant tentacle monster from inside their body. There is teleportation and time-travel, super strength, the ability to talk to the dead, and a power called rumor which makes everything the person says true when following "I heard a rumor". If these don't make you want to start binge watching this series, I don't know what will.

3. The Creator

Gerard Way is the creator of this comic and the executive producer of the show "The Umbrella Academy". If you are familiar with him you know that he produces music, creates comics, and was the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. He has made some spectacular works, one of them being the album "Danger Days", which followed a series of comics he wrote to accompany the tracks. A creator working on the set also helps things stay true to their origins.

4. The Soundtrack

"The Umbrella Academy" soundtrack features many songs by the executive producer Gerard Way sometimes accompanied by Ray Toro who used to play alongside Gerard Way in My Chemical Romance. It also has famous songs like "Soul Kitchen" by The Doors, "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen, and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by They Might Be Giants. Most of the music is rock orientated and is coordinated well with every scene and really captures the fighting montages. `

5. The Monkey Butler and Robot Mother

Reginald Hargreaves is who created these two abnormal people, if you can call them people. Pogo is a monkey butler who wears glasses and is very intelligent. He is almost like a consultant to Reginald Hargreaves and carries out all of his commands. Grace, or the designated mother of the children, is a robot who is made to look human. It is uncertain whether she has emotions or not, but she is a loving mother to all the children, especially to Diego.

6. Hazel and Cha-Cha

These two are the weirdest pair of bad guys you will see, but somehow they make it work and their aesthetic is you can groove with. They dress in sleek suits, act in almost a 60's style fashion, and drive a baby blue Volvo. They are constantly upset with the bad management they are forced to deal with in their low level jobs as assassins that travel through time. You can almost sympathize with these two when you look past all the killing.

7. Time Travel

The concept of time travel in this show helps pull everything together and allows for even more last hope situations. Ordinary people can travel through time with a special briefcase, or if you are number five you can travel through time with super powers alone. This sci-fi factor is one that has been popular for many movies and t.v. show franchises through out the ages, but this is one of the best implementations I have seen so far.

No TV show is able to combine all these elements of time-travel, super powers, robot moms, and monkey butlers; actually no one has ever tried. Somehow this show is not a mess of strange things mashed together, but a well-blended whole of something extraordinary. If you like all of these things, or even just one, go head to Netflix and watch "The Umbrella Academy, you won't regret it.

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