10 Reasons Why Being A Sorority Sister Is The Best

To The Girl Thinking They Want To Rush, Here Are 10 Reasons Why Being A Sorority Sister Is The Best

Greek life is the source of a lot of mixed feelings, but I can promise you, you will not regret joining this amazing community.

Katelin Rockey

Coming into college, I swore up and down I would never be a sorority girl because it was "not very me". That mindset lasted about one semester and now it has been the most rewarding decision in my entire two years of school. Here are just some of the reasons you should highly consider joining.

1. The Experience Of Rushing

Katelin Rockey

Even if you end up not finding a chapter you love, the experience of sorority recruitment is so unique and you will never do anything similar to it. You make friends along the way before you even choose your home because there are so many girls going through the exact same thing you are! There are so many conversations I had with so many different individuals, it truly is something you will never forget, no matter what the outcome.

2. There Are Many Opportunities For Involvement And Ways To Boost Your Professional Resume

Katelin Rockey

There are so many different areas of leadership in a sorority chapter that apply to many different career fields. In my chapter, we have positions such as Public Relations Vice President, Education Vice President, and Financial Vice President, all of which are held by sisters who are pursuing a career in each of these respective fields (shout out to Sam, Rachel and Julia). Even if being on the executive council is not exactly what you want, there are smaller positions in each of these departments and many others that I did not name.

3. You Will Make Amazing New Friends

Katelin Rockey

The friends you will make in your sorority will be like no others. The friends I have made so far in my chapter are the best I have ever had. They drop everything to help me when I need it and I do the same for them. There have been many times where one of us will call the other in tears just because we want someone to listen, or times where our sisters are the first people we call with exciting news.

4. You Automatically Get 200+ New Closets To Borrow Clothes From!

Katelin Rockey

This one goes without too much of an explanation. I have probably 10 different things from 5 different sisters in my closet as I write this article and I love it.

5. The Opportunity To Support A Cause You Are Passionate About

Katelin Rockey

Every sorority has a cause they raise money for every year, called a philanthropy. A good way to start your initial research on which chapters you might be interested is looking to see what their philanthropies are! They range from domestic violence awareness to building strong girls, and every woman in the chapter is extremely passionate about it. This gives you the opportunity to be in an organization that is capable of raising a large amount of money for a cause you truly love!

6. The Amazing Sisterhood Retreats

Katelin Rockey

Often times sororities plan sisterhood trips after they receive all of the new members from the current semester! This is a fun filled day with just your sisters, during which you can do whatever you like. A few of the places my chapter has been are Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens, and we even went to Georgia once! These trips are great bonding opportunities to grow close with your friends and even find new ones in your chapter.

7. Big/Little Reveal

Katelin Rockey

I think one of the things most talked about when it comes to sororities is big little reveals. After taking 2 littles, I can personally say it is my favorite part of being in my chapter. I got to talk to so many amazing littles and being able to build such an amazing family is such a unique opportunity. Also, it's pretty fun being a little too because you get cute gift baskets full of goodies! Besides the material aspects, it really is an amazing feeling knowing you have an older sister looking out for you, and also a rewarding feeling knowing you have a younger sister looking up to you. If you're reading this, I love you my children!

8. Academic Accountability

Katelin Rockey

A common misconception about greek life is that it is all fun and no school. This could not be further from the truth because almost all sororities have academic standards the chapter women are held to! This helps keep everyone focused on why we are in school and a reminder that there is more to our lives than being social. It is also easier to get work done because there is always at least one other sister in your chapter that is in the same classes as you. This could also be a potential selling point if any parents are concerned about grades!

9. Networking

Katelin Rockey

This is also a big selling point for joining a sorority because it gives you so many opportunities to advance yourself in your career field. Having so many sisters is beneficial when you are trying to find information about a certain career, or even potential internships or summer jobs! Being able to have conversations with the parental figures in your sisters lives could open so many doors for your future. There are also alumnae that are already in their fields that will be willing to help you as well.

10. A Home Away From Home

Katelin Rockey

As cheesy as it sounds, being able to have 200 women to be yourself around is truly amazing. College can get hard sometimes both emotionally and academically, and these women are going through the exact same thing as you are. There will always be someone who is willing to talk to you or just sit with you in silence so you aren't alone. This is the biggest reason I cannot stress enough how much of a blessing being in an amazing chapter of women has been for me, and I highly encourage you to pursue it.

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