Hey guys and welcome to my IKEA love letter.

If you're my friend, or literally anyone I've ever come into contact with, you'll know that I absolutely love IKEA. I mean sometimes my family will just go up to our nearest one (an hour and a half away) just to take a lap around the store and to buy something random like napkins or candy (I wish I was kidding).)

Anyway, I know that everyone always talks about Target and why it's a great place to walk around and get some things that you didn't know you needed but here are five reasons why IKEA should be your next destination for some #treatyourself shopping.

1. Chicken tenders

Alright, so I talked about these chicken tenders last week in my article ranking chicken nuggets. So, once I get to IKEA I like to go right on up to the second floor and get some lunch. It's cheap, it's delicious, and it gets me in the shopping mood. I recommend the chicken tenders because they never let me down.

2. The showroom

Okay, now since you're full from your chicken tenders, and maybe someone of that chocolate cake, it's time to walk it all off. If you ever wanted your Pinterest board labeled "home decor" to come to life, well the IKEA showroom has granted your wish.

3. The knick-knacks

I bet you didn't come in for a new set of chip clips and picture frames but that's what you're leaving with. Oh, and maybe even a stuffed animal or two... or maybe a rain poncho or bathrobe. I mean the sky really is the limit.

4. The plants

Bet you didn't think IKEA had a section for plants now did you? Well, they have everything from ferns to succulents that will tie your new room together. If you're not great with plants, don't panic, they have a great selection of fake plants as well.

5. The snacks for the drive home

After all that shopping you're going to want a snack and let me tell you, IKEA has you covered. If you want to get some candy before you go, or maybe even a cinnamon bun they've got what you want.

So, next time you don't really know what to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon consider taking a little trip to IKEA. Your wallet might not thank you, but oh well.