Reasons To Choose Joy Every Day

I have to be honest. Life can really suck sometimes. We all have days we wish could've gone better. There are times when we look back and want things to be the same. We come across people and want to have their life because it seems better than our own. Despite all that, I choose joy over living in pain.

When I was in junior high, I was told a hard truth. I can either choose joy or I can choose to keep living in pain. After a while, I finally chose joy. Don't get me wrong. Life hasn't been all sunshine and happy songs since. In fact, it has still been hard. I don't let that block my view of positives.

I could wake up every day and proclaim it is going to be a bad day because of this or that or I can decide it's going to be a great day. I can take hard situations and find the good in them. I honestly believe joy comes out of nowhere. For instance, you're having a bad, and you find out you got an A on your test! It's a great day then, right?

I choose joy because I have found freedom in it. I don't know if that is weird, let alone, makes sense. I find joy in singing a song when it pops into my head. Breaking out into random dances makes me happier than I can explain, and I'm a terrible dancer! I choose joy over anger or disgust because I see pain all over.

I'm not going to lie. It was not a one-day thing. It took a while to choose joy daily. I went through a period when I wondered why anyone would choose it. However, I realize now how much happier and healthier I am because of it. When I encountered something personal and painful, I took the time to be patient. Joy is not something that naturally happens. You can't force yourself to be happy.

I now find joy in things people may never think about. For instance, having the perfect amount of milk for your cereal. Another one would be finding exactly what you need at the last second. Or my personal favorite, seeing a bunch of dogs in one day. Before, I would probably think you're insane if you find joy in milk.

I'm glad I get to see the world from a view not many people do. I hope one day, people all over the world, will find joy in the little things. I hope people no longer experience pain so thick they have no hope. That was me at one point. I challenge you to find joy in something unusual this week! It is beautiful when you realize the little things. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to share that joy with someone else!

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