Reasons To Be A Vegetarian

Reasons To Be A Vegetarian

A Healthy Death Free Diet

Throughout my day to day life, people are constantly asking me why I am a vegetarian. In light of this, I thought I'd compile my reasons into an article.

First of all, no dead animals. This reason may seem obvious, but honestly is it so crazy that I just don't want to eat dead animals? I have been an animal lover my entire life and eating meat feels quite hypocritical to me. Animals in the factory farming industry are often treated poorly. Mass farming lends itself to overcrowding, poor hygiene, and an extremely low quality of life for all of the animals involved.

In addition, animals such as chickens and turkeys have been grossly engineered to produce absurdly large breast which their small bones cannot support. These animals live much of their short lives in painful discomfort, some losing the ability to walk after only a few months. Additionally, the slaughtering of animals in some cases results in painful and frightening deaths. Although most factory farms take caution to anesthetize their livestock (typically using electrical shock) prior to slaughtering and bleeding, in many case livestock may still be semi-conscious when their throats are cut.

Aside from the moral implications of consuming slaughtered animals, there are also numerous health benefits to consuming a plant-based diet. A vegetarian diet when done right can satisfy all of a human's nutritional requirements and is suitable for all human's including athletes.

Vegetarians typically have low cholesterol, removing animal fats from the diet can also limit the negative impacts saturated fats have been known to have on the body. Additionally, vegetarian diets have been consistently linked to low body fat and correspondingly lower risks of cardiovascular diseases. Vegetarian diets have also been linked with a reduced risk of diabetes and some cancers and have even shown correlation to an increased life expectancy.

The bottom line is there are many more reasons to be a vegetarian than there are to not be. When comparing vegetarian to omnivorous diets, it is clear that vegetarian diets result in improved long and short-term health conditions. Aside from health benefits, there is the added bonus of not contributing to the deaths of billions of animals annually.

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4 Ways To Not Only Treat Yo Self, But LOVE Yo Self Too

Do a little more self care for a lot more self love.

I know how easy it is for all of us to get down on ourselves. Many times we are our hardest critic. Since moving in to my house in Columbia, my roommate has taught me a few tips about self care and how going the extra mile for yourself can change your whole attitude! Please keep in mind that she is this healthy tiny girl that can do some paranormal moves in hot yoga. When I first moved in and we were talking I was like "Oh my goodness, she's a health freak and she probably spends hours on her body." Some of y'all are probably thinking, "yeah, who doesn't?" ME. I did not moisturize or exfoliate or none of that. This article goes out to the girlies who were like me . I am about to change your life with a few tips I've picked up in the past month!

1. Put color on the pasty skin!

Please just let me tell y'all that I am a pro at looking at the mirror and complaining about how dark the circles around my eyes are. They stand out against my zombie-like pale skin. I know some of y'all can relate to people stopping you and asking "Are you feeling okay? You look a little sick." Well let me give you the solution to this... self tanner. I use the Jergen's brand. It's like $7. Who knew that a bottle of health and magic would be so cheap?!

Before you go out and start slapping on your bronze coat, let me pass on some wisdom...

- use latex gloves (or if you're allergic then an alternative) because when rubbing in the lotion your hands will hold onto a lot it. your body will be glowing and your hands will look DIRTY!

- before applying it, lotion your ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists. These are the parts of your body that have weird wrinkles that will hold the lotion. You will get the new nickname 'Streaks' if you do not follow this step!

After those precautions are taken, enjoy your (hopefully) natural-looking glow! Golden-brown rolls are always prettier than uncooked, pasty ones. (;

2. Achieve a silky mane.

Girl, go out and treat yo self to a nice hair conditioner. Bad hair days set the tone of our days way too often. Skip going out for a few meals and drop some money on a nice hair conditioner! Or do like I did and beg your mom to save your split ends and make then purchase for you.

Normally doing research is not very fun, but it is so important that you get the right conditioner for your type of hair. Look for conditioners that have AH-MAZING reviews and is meant to treat what the mop that you got!

I know there are also vitamins that you could take if you really don't want to risk dropping a lot on a conditioner that may not work. TheSugar Bear Hair vitamins seem to be advertised by a lot of well-known names like Sadie Robertson and Khloe Kardashian. I've never tried them, but if your head is really a mess then you might wanna grab both!

3. Color your claws, mamas!

Do not neglect your nails! You do so much with your hands. You and others have to constantly see what they look like. It is in everyone's best interest that you are showing your nails some love. It is not okay to touch other people or their things if your nails are chipped, dirty, and/or scary looking.

It is $15 to go to a drugstore and get a base coat and a top coat. A nail file is next to nothing. There is really no excuse for scary hands unless it is halloween. This simple self care takes all of 30 minutes! It is so nice to look down and see little pops of color on your hands.

PLUS it is so amazing all the possibilities you can do with your nails. The colors, patterns, designs are limitless. They may be small, but they are so easily another form of self expression. You can tell characteristics about someone by the colors they choose to put on their nails. I tend to lean towards darker colors. They go with everything and I'm just not a neon, in-your-face kind of person.

All of that to say, how you take care of yourself says a lot about who you are and who you want others to perceive you as. Painting your anise is such a small thing, but to me it is such a sign of self love.

4. Work yo body!!!

It should be common knowledge that exercising is good for you! It helps keep you in shape, but it is also pretty important to your mental health as well. Iw as recently in a pretty bad spot and I found myself going to the gym to find self acceptance and self love. When I moved, though, I wasn't comfortable with going to a new gym and I didn't know anyone to ask to go with me.

My housemates and I started walking our dogs together a lot. We try to go everyday, key word is TRY lol. It's such an easy way to get in physical activity in a fun way. More than that my housemate roped me into going to hot yoga with her. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I thought I was actually suffocating. They turn the heat to around 100 degrees and then expect you to twist in to all kind of noodle-pretzel shapes. Holy moly. We try to do it once a week now and I enjoy it so much. At least I enjoy after we leave.

I strongly encourage you to find a friend or a group of friends and make a day each week where you go out and do an activity that pushes you. After finishing you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and when you look in the mirror you will swear your waist getting smaller even though you just ate five donuts!!!

I listed out FOUR things that you can do daily or every other day. They are so simple, but changing these small things about my life has made me so much happier with who I am and how I live. It's encouraged me to do even more for myself. We focus so much on others and things outside our control and we get frustrated. Instead of getting down on yourself, focus on what you can control and what matters... YOU!

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100 Little Things To Love

The little things that make our life worth living.

While we tend to focus on the frustrations and hiccups in everyday life, it’s important to remember and be grateful for all the good things that happen. Here are 100 little things to appreciate every day!

1. When you wake up before your alarm goes off

2. When your skin looks good in the morning and you have morning skinny

3. When you finish work for the day

4. Getting in bed when it’s super cold

5. Getting a compliment from a stranger

6. When the Uber driver is fast

7. Chipotle

8. Orange juice

9. Taking a much needed hot shower

10. Finishing a thorough workout

11. Sticking to a diet and seeing results

12. Discovering a new song

13. Getting a surprise gift

14. Getting your paycheck

15. When your friend pays for you

16. Getting a job offer

17. Cleaning out your ears

18. Peeling a thicc scab

19. Spitting out some burning alcoholic mouthwash

20. When alcohol goes down easy

21. Blacking out and forgetting all your problems

22. Blacking out and not ending up in the hospital

23. Puking after feeling super nauseous

24. Pizza rolls

25. Drinking tea that doesn’t burn your tongue

26. Getting your eyebrows freshly done

27. Someone playing with your hair

28. Being up in stocks

29. Taking off heels at the end of the day

30. When the balance sheet balances

31. When the code works

32. Plugging in your phone at 1%

33. Getting a fresh new outfit

34. Getting a text message when you thought you had no friends

35. When Uber emails you a discount code

36. Dave Franco

37. When someone responds fast

38. When group members actually contribute

39. Floating in a quiet pool

40. Getting a hella good Instagram picture

41. Finding a relatable song

42. Pooping in the morning

43. Doing way better on the test than you thought

44. Not being blown off for a date

45. When puppies cuddle you

46. When you’re so consumed with interesting work that time flies by

47. Traveling somewhere new

48. Winning at the casino table

49. Memory foam rugs

50. Having a clean room

51.When the blood stains wash out perfectly

52.When class is canceled

53. Putting on sweats fresh out of the dryer

54. Choosing not to eat a Tide Pod

55. Getting a package in the mail

56. Having a totally composed conversation with someone you’re obsessed with

57. Making a new friend

58. Cleaning dirty sunglasses and wearing them

59. Coming up with a super funny joke and laughing because it’s so funny

60. Someone apologizing to you after they’ve wronged you

61. Having aspirations in life

62. Riding in a super nice car

63. When there’s not a super long line at the airport

64. Going back home after being out for a while

65. Eating a ton and waking up skinnier the next morning

66. When Ubereats remembers to include utensils

67. Finding something you thought you lost

68. Reconnecting with a childhood friend

69. Finding your soulmate

70. When another day has passed without a natural disaster hitting you or the government collapsing

71. When someone truly values your opinion

72. Back scratchers

73. When the bandage remains stuck in the shower

74. When someone listens with genuine interest

75. Firepits

76. Having bomb ass looking notes

77. Having money in the bank

78. Seeing your favorite musical artist perform

79. When the banana is brown on the outside but still yellow inside

80. When you try on shoes you haven’t worn in like five years and there’s no spider inside

81. When someone laughs with you and not at you

82.When your cow lick has a chill day

83. People who don’t waste your time

84. Breaking in new shoes

85. Getting a hug

86. The pure silence when you sink under water

87. Drinking water after class when you forgot to bring water

88. When kids like you

89. Meeting an interesting person

90. Starting a new snapchat streak

91.Getting tagged on Facebook or Instagram

92. Seeing someone hot super liked you on Tinder

93. Winning a game

94. Catching a trend ahead of everyone else

95. When you eat semi-raw meat and don’t get food poisoning

96. Getting a new nickname

97. Sneezing

98. Being loved

99. Eating cookies without dropping crumbs

100. Stepping into AC on a hot summer day

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