Reasons that Make Ikat Fabric and Design so Popular
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Reasons that Make Ikat Fabric and Design so Popular

Fashion trends come and go, though Ikat fabrics keep their solid place. No matter it is a weft ikat, a warp ikat, or double ikat, this fabric is amazing due to its incredible textile dyeing techniques.

Reasons that Make Ikat Fabric and Design so Popular

Fashion trends come and go, though Ikat fabrics keep their solid place. No matter it is a weft ikat, a warp ikat, or double ikat, this fabric is amazing due to its incredible textile dyeing techniques. No one can deny that ikat-based products have a unique and distinct style. That is one of the main reasons that its designs are so popular. Each manufacturer can bring different solutions making ikat-related products more eye-catching. Got interested?

Check out UzbekAlive! Being one of the best online stores and promoting the artisanal textile heritage of Uzbekistan, it brings a unique touch with its amazing collections. From quilts, pillow covers, scarves,bowls, or more: everything here is about Ikats.

Well, among so many new trends and fashion solutions, you may wonder why it is worth investing in Ikat-related products. Let's see:

1.Most Items are Not about Mass Production

Most of the reliable stores give much importance to handmade ikat products. That is great! Handmade always limits the quantity, which brings more value to the certain product. Most of you seek rare and unique items. That is where handmade ikat products meet your needs. There is much care, love, and a customised approach in each of the items. Why not stay different in a world where there is too much repetition? Such products can be great both for you and if you buy them as a gift.

2.It is Sustainable

Have you noticed how fast the trends are changed? You may buy a pillowcase or scarf, bag, or something different that seemed to be so popular at the buying moment. However, it may come out of trend so fast, that you won't even manage to use or carry it. However, it is not about Ikats! Sustainability is always useful and brings many benefits. You can buy any of the products and make sure that they will stay in fashion for a long time.

3.It Has a Story Behind

You can buy an expensive product. After some time, however, it might come out of trend and lose its value. However, coming from the seventeenth century, ikat techniques remain much appreciated. Each of the design solutions has something to say, which becomes more vital in products. It has a message behind it. From its origin up to its unique technique, you can feel the unique textile heritage in every single item.

4.Selected Patterns

The characteristics of ikat textiles expressed in their different varieties bring a unique style to each of the ikat-based products. If you want to be special in your choice, then buying one of these patterns is the best decision. Being one of the finest textiles in the world, it will leave an amazing impact and bring inspiration. Everything is behind your careful choice.

5.Easy to Carry

You may have noticed how great ikat fabric is for indoor products, like pillow-covers, bedspreads, quilts, or more, and how nice they look for decorative purposes. What about clothing? Most of you like comfort in your look. No matter it is ikat clothing or scarf, any of the items are designed using cotton and silk fibers. This speaks about the convenience you will get in wearing them. Being unique and comfortable is all possible with Ikat-based items.

6.It is Trendy and Chick

Being trendy is a wish for most people. Ikat-related products allow you not only to be on-trend but also to create your own unique style. There are many amazing accessories that will distinguish your style and allow you to stand out from the crowd. Such products will be tuned into what makes you look your best. Any of the amazing items will look fabulous on you and you will stick with it.The amazing value expressed in Ikat-based products will tell a story and at the same time will go hand in hand with the latest trends.

People love Ikat designs. They choose it for clothing, accessories, decorative, or display purposes. With its unique color shades, complicated and eye-catching design solutions, it attracts anyone. Any of the Ikat fabrics has something to say! It is not just a piece of clothing item. It has the power to tell about your personality, taste, or style.

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