6 Reasons It Sucks To Be Anything But A Patriots Fan

6 Reasons (For 6 Rings) It Sucks To Be Anything But A Patriots Fan

The dynasty lives on.


The Patriots dynasty lives on with their sixth Super Bowl win this Sunday, leaving Tom Brady sporting rings on both hands. This win left Patriots fans in a frenzy and the rest of the world in awe at the total domination of the New England program. Although I am not a Patriots fan, it is hard not to acknowledge the impressive talent on both the coaching and athlete side of the Patriots sports program. Despite cheating, murder scandals, and questionable affection with their children, the Patriots still consistently manage to win championships. It pains me to say it, but at the end of the day the New England Patriots are just THAT good.

1. No matter how good of a season your team is having, the Patriots are always having a better one.

11-5 in the AFC East.

2. You can't root for Brady, no matter how good you know he is.

We all know Brady is perhaps the best quarterback of all time, which is painful to watch as the fan of another team.

3. They have the easiest schedule.

Let's face it, the AFC east isn't exactly a challenging schedule, especially for a team like the Pats.

4. You'll never have Belichick coaching your team.

Unfortunately, your coach just isn't as good.

5. The Patriots get an entire region as their fan base.

Kaitlyn Stivers

3 teams in New York compete for fan bases, while the Patriots are gifted an entire region of support.

6. As much as we hate to admit it, they're just THAT good.

Kaitlyn Stivers

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The New Kid On The Block

Dak Prescott deserves to be the starting quarterback win, lose or draw.

The NFL has been full of surprises this year. The number one surprise has been the play of the Dallas Cowboys and their rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott has been the center of attention because of his fantastic play. The Cowboys are finally in the news for all the right reasons. As opposed to them stealing the headlines because they have been a troublesome franchise; the Cowboys are winning without their "golden boy" yet fragile starting quarterback Tony Romo, who is recovering from a shoulder injury he suffered in the preseason. But Tony, your days are numbered. There is a new kid on the block and his name is Dak Prescott.

The Dallas Cowboys have been mediocre at best for over two decades. The days of glory and Super Bowl runs have been long gone. Think about this, to win the Super Bowl you need three wins in the postseason. For the last twenty-one years the Cowboys have accumulated three playoff wins in total. For thirteen years the Cowboys have had Tony Romo under center. He has had some great years, but because of age and attrition Romo's window will soon close.

For Cowboys fans everywhere and especially their long time owner Jerry Jones, the transfer of power has already occurred.

Change is hard, especially in sports. The Cowboys loyalty, love and support for Romo has been commendable. But there was a reason why they decided to draft Dak Prescott in the first place. Romo is a ticking time bombing because of his injury issues and age. Sooner or later his time is going to be up.

However, nobody knew that this potential quarterback change could possibly be this soon. Dak Prescott has been nothing but sensational. Who knew that a young, African-American quarterback from Mississippi State, that was a 4th round draft pick could be so good so early? Through his first five games Prescott has thrown for 1,239 yards, 4 touchdowns, no interceptions and passer rating of 101.5. More importantly the Cowboys are winning. The Cowboys are 4-1 under Prescott, why ruin something that seems to going so well?

I respect Tony Romo, he gets a raw deal sometimes. He is actually one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL when he is healthy. But that's the problem, he never is. It's brutal if this is the way that Romo's career will end. But we all know that NFL stands for " Not For Long". Nothing last forever, especially in the NFL.

Nothing in the NFL, or in life, is given, everything is earned. Needless to say, Dak Prescott has earned the starting quarterback job. He already has proven himself as a leader, a winner and, surprisingly, as very poised for his age. If Dak Prescott can continue his individual success and the Cowboys keep winning, Prescott will not only be considered the future but the present as well.

He is the real deal.

Cover Image Credit: www.presnapreads.com

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Seattle Seahawks 2019 Draft Review

This year's draft featured predictability and surprise.


The Seattle Seahawks made a few expected and unexpected moves in the 2019 NFL Draft. With only four picks in the draft, many analysts and fans suspected that they would trade down. They did exactly that, trading their first-round selection (21st overall) to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for theirs (30th overall) along with two fourth-round picks (114th and 118th overall). However, they promptly traded their 30th selection to the New York Giants for three picks of theirs (37th, 132nd and 142th overall) and traded the remaining two picks to the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots, respectively. In return, they acquired New England's 64th overall selection and Minnesota's 120th and 204th overall picks. However, Seattle's most notable move was acquiring the Kansas City Chiefs' first-round selection (29th overall) while giving them star pass rusher Frank Clark.

Not many expected Ole Miss wide receiver D.K. Metcalf to fall to Seattle at pick 64 at the second round, but the Seahawks snatched him up when they realized he was still available. They also drafted two additional wide receivers in Gary Jennings Jr. and John Ursua to add depth to the position and possibly replace longtime mainstay Doug Baldwin eventually. They used their top two picks on TCU defensive end L.J. Collier (29th overall) and Utah safety Marquise Blair (47th overall) to fill needs on the defensive side of the ball after the departures of Clark and Earl Thomas, and drafted a pair of linebackers in Cody Barton and Ben Burr-Kirven as insurance for Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright, the latter of whom will likely not be with Seattle in the long-term future.

The Seahawks have made both predictable and surprising moves in this year's draft, and we will see how they pan out after the 2019 NFL season commences in September.

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