If you're like me, you kinda forgot all about K-Mart. For one, I figured they were all closing. Two, Why would you ever go anywhere besides Target?! Well, here's my two cents.

1. Rewards

If you sign up for Sears/K-Mart rewards you will be saving some serious cash! This is not a credit card either, just a rewards program. For Example, I went the other day and picked up some clearance items, just household goods, towels, sheets, etc. From this purchase, not only did I get my items 70% off I received store cash that I could use the next day.

2. Coupons

That store cash I was just talking about, scored me two Target worthy chair pillows for $7 a piece. Normally a $40 value (each). On sale, plus $25 store cash, plus $14 in points. Hello, savings!

3. Adam Levine

Did you know he had a women's clothesline?! Well, he does, and it is filled with rocker jeans, stellar graphic tees, and the cutest cold shoulder floral dresses.

4. They Have The Necessities 

Pantry items, shampoo, conditioner, food staples, cleaning supplies. You name it, they got it.

5. Shoes

Buy one, get one for A PENNY! Sneakers AND new booties? Fine by me!

6. Holiday

Need Halloween themed salt and pepper shakers? or maybe a Peanuts nativity set for Christmas? You can find them at K-Mart!

7. Toys

Not that I have kids, but if you do, I highly recommend earning those points cause you're gonna buy the toys somewhere, you might as well buy them somewhere that gives you some incentive.

8. Guys

They sell tools, outdoor stuff, and car parts!

9. Home Decor Galore!

If you look in the right place, you can find some super chic house wares. Like the chair pillows, picture frames, beautiful canvases and wall art. You can totally decorate any room with stuff from K-Mart and it will look like you shopped straight out of Pier One.

10. Last, but not least

Little Caesars. Yup, you heard me. After working up an appetite shopping.You can get a $5 hot and ready pizza!