Five Reasons To Never Go To A Community College

Starting your college education at a community college may seem like a good idea. But, trust me, it will lead to some drastic consequences.

1. You'll actually end up enjoying your classes

Yes, even the one with the professor obsessed with salt lamps or the professor who believes “idear” is a real word (even though she teaches English). You may want to be bitter about it, but you just can't. Something makes those classes fun and you can't help but enjoy them.

2. You'll make friends

Okay, but for real. You’ll meet people who you just click with. Maybe it'll be a whole group who suffers together in a three hour 8AM environmental science lecture. Or maybe it's those weird theater kids who will end up being some of your best friends ever. Either way, you're going to find some great people there, and you won't regret it.

3. You'll miss it when you graduate

You may have initially been against starting at a community college, but come graduation, you're going to be sad to say goodbye. Two years of your life were dedicated to this place and the people you met here; how can you possibly just leave now?

4. You're going to come back and visit

Maybe two years of community college was all you wanted. Maybe you'll take your Associate's Degree and transfer to a four-year institution. Either way, you can bet you'll be back because your friends are still there. Who knows? If you're lucky, there'll even be some new people there to become fast new friends. (Keep in mind: there is also the chance your friends will kidnap you from you current college and bring you back for a visit).

5. You won't shut up about it

You will find any and every excuse to tell people about your community college experience. Actually, maybe “tell” isn't the right word; it'll be more like bragging. People will probably end up hating you for all the talking and all the stories, but who cares? Brag away! You've got two years worth of stories to tell and somebody’s got to hear them!
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