Instagram Is The Best Social Media App

Social media has been a growing sector for millennials. It has grown from being a concept to taking a good amount of people's time every day. With that being said, which social media is the best overall? In my opinion, I think that Instagram takes the win on this one. These are some of the reasons why it is the best.

1. Filters are on point


Have you seen the number of filters that Instagram provides? I think it is so wild to be able to choose from a great variety. I recently just counted how many filters there are — there are 24 filters — but you can always manage them to make them into your own.

2. Snapchat stories, who?


I was initially not a big fan of Instagram stories because I felt that it was a Snapchat thing, but now it is my favorite app to post stories in. The filters that are provided for the stories make them look more realistic and pretty. I am a very detailed person and I feel that it enhances them nicely.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words 


Unlike Twitter, Instagram thrives on visuals. It is a platform where its users can post pictures to showcase their lives or creativity.

4. It's easy to stalk your favorite celebrities 


The number of hours I have spent looking at Shawn Mendes is ridiculous. It is so easy to see what he's currently doing and what he's done from years ago. I find myself looking up pictures from years ago when he looks like a baby and at that point I know I have gone too far.

5. Who doesn't have one?


I honestly feel like the majority of people have an Instagram. It is a well known app that many users are familiar with.

6. It's a platform to be creative 


Instagram has become a great platform for up in coming photographers because it number to share their creations online. Since it is easy to communicate through the application, there is a high chance of a new photographer to find success in this platform.

7. The app makes it easy to be connected 


Using Instagram, you don't have to be with the person to see what they're doing. Instagram makes it easy to see what's going on other people's lives.

8. DMing friends is fun 


Instagram has a fun function that lets the user share posts through DMs. It is such a great function because friends can check out the original post.

These are just some of the reasons why Instagram is the best social media platform. Don't get me wrong, I still use Facebook and Snapchat because they are good platforms, but I definitely use Instagram much more.

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