Let's get real, we all go through slumps in life. There are periods of time that we just don't always see the bigger picture, and it's incredibly difficult to feel motivated or driven to meet the needs of others or society. We wake up in the morning feeling drowsy and unwilling to get up and get to work. Bed just seems so much better.

But life is not meant to be spent in bed. So here are some reasons to get you out of bed faster and more eager in the mornings:

1. You create more time in your day when you wake up earlier.

This is an obvious reason, but it is a very powerful motivator. My dad always tells me "you can sleep when you're dead," which may seem dark, but holds some truth. Humans obviously need sleep, but we need exercise as well. The more time we spend active and working on our health, the happier and more motivated we can live. If you are feeling behind on your responsibilities, more time in the day is a huge helping hand. Overall, more time allows for more organization and a better grip on your personal schedule.

2. You can find a person or activity that really impacts your life, TODAY!

You never know the things that could happen in a day. What if today was your big opportunity to run across Oprah Winfrey, or realize that you have a serious passion for cooking steak? You wouldn't find out if you hid in bed all day! Think of a new day as an opportunity to discover something new.

3. You have special time in the morning with yourself.

When you wake up earlier, like mentioned before, you have more time for organization. This means you have time to step back, look at your life, and prioritize what is important. Taking this time is extremely significant in understanding your personal values and where you want to invest your time. If you really are having a hard time getting out of bed and following through with the normal flow of life, there are probably some things in real life you need to sort out when awake. At the end of the day, you can't avoid everything with sleep. As amazing as your dreams may be, it's much more satisfying to go to bed at night when you know you have something to look forward to in the morning.