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8 Reasons To Dress Up Your Large Dog

Why is it assumed only small dogs get to play dress up?

8 Reasons To Dress Up Your Large Dog
Pamela D'Addato

My dog is about fifteen times the size of a Chihuahua, if not more, yet I still like to dress him up. I find absolutely nothing wrong with it. The primary reason I personally do it is that he gets this proud look on his face when we put either his sweater, his reindeer costume, or his pumpkin costume on. He gets so many compliments, his favorite being "handsome" and he couldn't look any happier if he tried. So why should all dogs refuse to give into the stigma of wearing only what they were born with just because their big? Here's why:

It's winter.

Keep in mind that when it's cold outside, dogs know it too. They no as soon as they step outside, so don't assume your dog will be perfectly fine going for a long walk without any protection. Especially if it has snowed or been really icy the last few days, remember that there is salt on the ground. If you live in an area where people toss salt on the ground in large quantities, remember their paws. Without anything on their feet, they are stepping on that salt. Would you like to be walking on large stone-like salt, barefoot? Of course not, so consider putting some form of boots onto their paws when you know they will be stepping on it. Also consider a coat, since when it starts raining suddenly or snowing, you may want that extra protection for them.

It's a holiday.

Halloween is particularly the only day we humans get to dress up, but what about your dog? Thanksgiving is coming around, why not put a cute pilgrim hat on your dog? It brings the holiday spirit, doesn't it? What about Hanakuah? You could do the same thing for your dog and people would be able to get a little kick out of it. Christmas you've got elves, Santa, reindeer, and Mrs. Clause. It would be the cutest thing to hear little jingle bells ringing in the distance during your meal. After that, there is so much more. Valentine's day has just as many options as St. Patricks Day and Easter. Fourth of July and all the other holidays all around the world can bring their dog into it. Our dogs are like our babies, so wouldn't it be great to dress them up? A big dog just makes it more fun!

They can be photogenic 

Have you ever wanted to take pictures with your dog but you notice that in every single picture he or she looks exactly the same? Why not spice it up a little? If it's summer put on a lei or garland around your dogs neck, while your at it why not put a grass skirt on them as well? If it's someone's birthday, it shouldn't be a problem to hand out a hat with everyone standing, so why not put a hat on the one standing on four legs? If your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are looking a little bland, this is sure to spice it up. And of course, looking back at your pictures with them years later will make you smile and laugh at that particular memory.

Kids love it

Lets put you back in a time when you were three are relatively just as tall at the height of a Saint Bernard. You see this dog walking near the park wearing a princess fairy costume. What are you going to do? Of course, tell your mother, scream about wanting to pet the Dog Fairy, and proceed to fan-girl over this adorable huge dog. Any child would want to pet a dog wearing a princess fairy costume. It makes everyone happy, and it allows children to interact and explore something new. Not all children have dogs, so getting the opportunity to interact with one would make their day.

Some dogs love the attention 

If your dog is like mine and craves attention twenty-five/eight, dressing him or her up is absolutely perfect. If your dog sees you getting all happy and excited they will as well. If you continuously praise your dog from looking the way he or she does, you just know how good they are feeling. They'll feel extremely important, and will probably feel like the man...or well... the dog.

It can give you some attention 

If your dog is dressed up, people will want to check your dog out, which means they'll be talking to you. Now, they'll probably be talking to your dog first, but you'll most certainly answer them. All owners feel really flattered when their dog gets compliments about their behavior, but what about the way they're dressed? You may look crazy to some, but to others, people will be really impressed by your own self-expression through your dog. Who knows, maybe your soul mate could really love Star Wars, and you just happened to dress your dog up as Darth Vader.

You can be super creative 

If it's a regular day, but you know it's spring and the flowers are starting to bloom, think about the first animal you would envision. For me, it would be a bumblebee, and my dog would be rocking that outfit the next day if I had the opportunity to. If it's Earth Day, think about all the ways you can tell people to take care of the planet using your dog as a good representation. The possibilities are endless, and so should all the ideas be for your dog. People use art as a huge way to express themselves, and this is the exact same thing. Not only this, but you can make your own dog costume, shirt, or sweater. All you need to know what your dog's measurements are and you are good to go.

It doesn't matter the size, they're all cute! 

Big dog, medium dog, or small dog, it doesn't really matter. To humans, they are our babies. Yes, small dogs are relatively the same size as a baby, but big dogs can be just the same. They may be a lot bigger, but they deserve just as much as little dogs. It doesn't matter their size, they are cute no matter what size, color, shape, or breed they are.

It never made sense to me why only small dogs have so many options to wear costumes. Even on Halloween, I find it really hard to find a costume for my extra-large dog. To me, it just feels a little discriminatory. Why should small dogs have so many options? Why can't big dogs dress up? They're just as cute, and they're just as much dog as smaller ones. Dress up your dog just as if it were a small dog. There are no boundaries to what you can do for your fuzzy best friend.

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