8 Reasons Reading E-Books On Your Phone Are Superior To Reading Print Books
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8 Reasons Reading E-Books On Your Phone Are Superior To Reading Print Books

If you're going to be obsessed with your phone, you might as well be doing something useful.

8 Reasons Reading E-Books On Your Phone Are Superior To Reading Print Books

Now don't get me wrong, nothing beats holding and feeling a physical book in your hands. There's something special about physically turning the page to read what's next.

But, for someone who reads as fast and as often as I do, print books are becoming more and more inconvenient. They're more expensive and not as easily accessible as e-books are.

I'm a busy full-time college student working part-time jobs. It's not likely that I can always carry a book with me and simply read it whenever I want. My phone, however, is always with me.

Reading on my phone provides me with the luxury of having one less thing to carry. One less thing I might later forget and leave behind. One less thing to get bent and destroyed in my bag or with the weather.

While there are definitely cons to reading on your phone, such as people thinking you're obsessed with it when you're really just reading, the pros outweigh the cons.

Disclaimer: The majority of my points are based on reading books via iBooks but may also apply to the Kindle Unlimited app as well!

It's convenient.

You can literally read anywhere and at any time. You can easily pull up your book in the car (not if you're driving), in bed, or even in the bathroom. Whenever you find yourself with some free time, you can just pull up your book and pass the time away.

You can bookmark your favorite scenes.

Rather than reread a whole book sometimes, I'll occasionally go back and just reread certain scenes. Certain scenes may be hard to find because you might not remember exactly what happened or where in the book it is. Being able to bookmark certain words, chapters, or scenes is so convenient.

You can easily search up words you don't know.

Rather than having to stop what you're reading and grab your phone/laptop/dictionary to search up words, iBooks has a function where you can just highlight the word and just search it! Easy.

Similar to a physical book, once you buy it, you will always have it.

I've lost count of how many times I've read and reread certain series. Once you buy a book, it's in your account. So even if you delete a book that you downloaded, you can always redownload it and enjoy it again!

Most e-books are cheaper than a physical book.

Basically, you're doing yourself a favor and saving money.

You can adjust the font.

You can literally change both the font used for the book and the font size! If the words are too small, no problem. If the words are too big, no problem!

You can help your eyes by changing the color of the pages.

You have four different options for the page color: white, tan, dark grey, or black. I change it up depending on where I'm reading and during what time of the day. If it's late and I'm reading in bed, I switch it to black because it's easier on the eyes.

But if it's daytime and bright outside, I'll usually change it to a white background. Another cool option is the "auto-night theme" mode, you can just turn it on and the page colors will change according to the amount of light where you are.

You can read page-by-page or use scrolling view.

I love that there are so many customizable options. I personally use the scrolling view because I'm a fast reader and scrolling allows me to read faster than simply "turning the page."

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