All my life I have lived in the city. I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, until I started attending college in Greensboro, North Carolina. Recently, I have permanently moved to Greensboro and I realized that I could never move away from the city. The city is constantly calling my name, and I just cannot resist.

Growing up, I have always lived close enough to the train tracks and a fire station to where I could hear them if they passed, so when a train went by or the fire trucks would sound their alarms, I would be at the window listening closely. The same goes for today, when the trains pass or the fire trucks speed down the roads I listen closely, and strangely enough, it sometimes makes me smile to hear these sounds.

People might ask, "Well have you ever not lived in the city?"

I have never lived anywhere but the city. Although, when I vacation, I obviously don’t go to other cities, I go to places like the beach or the mountains. Places where it’s quiet, but when it gets too quiet is when I have an issue. Everyone seems to either not talk or whisper when they do talk which makes me so irritated since I am use to the constant noise.

Growing up in the city also means I have learned to drive in the city or the fast life, as people call it. Any time you go to some place small and quiet everything seems to be going in slow motion. It’s very hard for the hare to live the tortoise lifestyle.

I always say maybe when I'm older I will move to the beach where I don't have to be around people, but for now I really can't live without my city.