Cats Are The Best

When you think of a pet as a companion you may think of a dog, but what if I told you that cats make an even better companion? Sure, cats may have had a bad reputation, but they are more kind than you think. Before I got my pet cat, Milo, I had always assumed cats were mean and aloof but that is not always the case.

Owning a cat has shown me how loving and loyal cats truly are, which make them such a great companion to have. My cat follows me around and pays more attention to me than my dog does! After owning Milo for the past two years, and my dog Champ for the past eleven years, I have concluded that cats make a better companion than dogs do. In this article, I will give five examples of why cats make better companions than dogs do.

1. They're super independent!

Credit: Pexels

2. They're great cuddle buddies.

Credit: Pexels

3. They're the best play mates!

Credit: Pixabay

4. They live longer than dogs.

Credit: Pixabay

5. They're just so friggin' cute!

Credit: Pixabay

Just look at that face!

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