y little brother was born when I was just about to turn six. It was one of the best moments of my life. I don't know what I'd do without him. Here's why being a big sister is so amazing.

1. You get to play mom without actually being mom

My little brother is ALWAYS complaining to me that "I'm not mom." No, but I'm going to act like it because I know what's best. Last week, he tried to go out in public with a stain on his shirt. I told him he had to change it. He started complaining, saying it was fine. But guess what? He changed it.

2. You get your own personal best friend (no matter the age)

What's better than ranting to your little bro/sis about the latest drama in high school. Or better yet, them telling you what's going on in their life???? I give my little brother so much advice, and he eats it up because I'm "wise."

3. You get to watch them grow up

This is kind of a good thing, kind of a bad thing. I remember when my little brother was a baby. Now he's all grown up, and I'm wondering where the time flew by. He's going to high school next year, and I think I'm freaking out more than he is.

4. You always have someone that wants to hang out with you

My little brother always wants to spend time with me, especially now that I'm away for college. He told me that he gets so excited whenever I'm coming home. It warms my heart to think I'll always have him wanting to hang out with me.

5. Their friends think you're cool

I love when random people think I'm cool, especially when they don't even know me. It's great. Like yeah, I'm the cool sister.

6. You get to be a big sister

My little brother, Bryce, is always doing so many extra-curricular activities. I get to be his proud big sister whenever he wins science fair or performs in a huge musical or when he gets good grades. It's a feeling I can't describe. It's amazing.

Being a big sister is the best, and it's a blessing I could have never seen coming.