I used to HATE babysitting The thought of me having to watch over young(er) children and be responsible for them made my stomach flip and twist and turn. I never had a hatred towards children, I think they are great (most times), but having them under my responsibility was terrifying to me.

But now I am legally an adult and I can say that for the most part... it hasn't been that bad. In fact, these are reasons why babysitting is a pretty sweet gig.

1. You get to witness these children grow and become actual people who form opinions.

This helps if you've been with a family for as long as I have. I watch over two families for over the course of three years, and because they are so young, everything they do is absorbed in their minds and then they learn from it. Please refer to the next one to understand what I am saying.

2. You may get to witness their first time cursing.

It's truly an experience to see a seven-year-old kid say f**k you to their sister and then quickly covering their mouth as if I couldn't hear it. Of course, I had to act my age and say "no, [insert name], we don't say that." But really on the inside, I was laughing my a** off.

3. "Why is a grandma so violent, I swear she has bloody socks."

They ALL play video games, naturally, grandma is the evil antagonist trying to kill them all in their post-zombie-apocalyptic grandma-themed maze of torture. So hearing sentences like these have become more of the norm, and less unnatural.

4. You learn to become used to different decibels of screaming.

Kid #1 (5 y/o) [to older brother]: "I can't believe you took my Barbie doll, you moron"

Older brother: *stunned, as if he's never heard that word before* "I'm telling mom!!"

Kid #1: No!!!!!

Me, thinking: I have never heard that loud of a noise before

5. When they go to sleep, you get to chill till their folks come home.

"Oh, the kids should be in bed at nine, and you won't be home until one? That's fine, they'll be safe and sound way before you get home."

6. It gives you an excuse to play with stupid sh*t like slime.

... or play-doh, or rainbow loom, or some video game, or watch dumb Youtube videos. Whatever, it's a job. Just not a typical one.

7. Seeing them get along actually melts your heart.

When they work together to finish the puzzle or form some sort of alliance against you it really shows that they know how to get along. You couldn't have been more proud because you never thought the day would come. You're truly in utter shock.

8. They think you're, like, one of the smartest people ever.

Especially if they're young, and you help them with their homework and color within the lines. I would like to thank my kindergarten teacher for that last one, you rock!

9. You get to make money for probably the easiest job you will ever have.

Ten bucks an hour? Slime? Free food? Them sleeping half the time? Sure, no problem.

10. It's fun.

All in all, yes you get paid, yes there are perks, but kids are a lot of fun to be around once you respect each other. The key to being a great babysitter and killing it at this job is to understand that they are people too, whatever the age may be.