As we all celebrate the holiday season with family, friends, gifts and good food, it's important for us to remember what we are celebrating. It's easy to get caught up in all the festivities of Christmas and we can all agree, Christmas goes by so quickly, but by remembering Jesus is the reason for the season makes the hype so much more enjoyable.

At Christmas time we are reminded that God brought His one and only son to come down and free us from our sins. We get to celebrate the birth of a wonderful miracle that connects so many Christians together. Christmas is a unique time when believers of all backgrounds are united by a common belief and celebrate the season together. It's a special time when religion is acknowledged and respected, not challenged or disrespected and we all wish joy and happiness among one another. We all have our own special Christmas traditions and on December 25th, those traditions are carried out and celebrated.

Christmas is a special time for us to reflect on the wonderful gifts God has blessed us with throughout the year, so this year, think back on all the wonderful things, big or small, God has brought into your life. He willfully gives us infinite blessings every year and one of the biggest blessings is that He gave us salvation through the birth of Jesus Christ.

I hope on Christmas morning, when you wake up with a smile and wonderful family time, remember the reason for the season.

Let us be like the 3 wise men this season, "And when they say the star, they rejoiced" Matthew 2:10