Finally back to school! After reuniting with your long lost friends, it is time to take on campus as a squad.You soon find your self engulfed a sea of new guys.You start to chat, and you are faced with the undeniable question of do you like him or his attention? Answering from experience, this question has taken a lot sweat and tears to realize how different the two are.

Here are some things to think about when questioning your recent boy toy.

1. Are you excited about communication with him?

2. Is he just a hookup or do you want something more?

3. Would you feel comfortable hanging out with him one-on-one or would you feel completely awkward?

4. Are you using him? #Feminism

5. Do you get butterflies when you are around him or when your phone lights up?

6. Do you check your phone every five seconds waiting for him to text you?

7. Is your friendship worth the risk?

8. Do the flaws outweigh the positives?

9. Do you see a future with him?

10. Would you mind if it ended?

If you decide from this list that you don’t actually have feelings for him, then you were just into his attention. When that ends, you have to realize what it was and move on from it. Sometimes these are the hardest boys to get over because you have all this attention one day and then the next day, it’s just gone. Not to worry though, he just wasn’t the right one for you, and you will get the same attention again from someone better.

Next time, hopefully, it will be Mr. Right. Don’t waste your time on stupid relationships you know won’t last. I know we all love the attention we get from our crushes, but trust me, it's better to just end it now. Who knows your soulmate could be right in front of you, and you don’t even know it yet!