Realizing My Goals After College

I'm beyond ecstatic that these four months have come to an end and I can go home to a month of complete stress-free energy. As I prepare to face my last week at Stony (of my first semester, of course), I decided to reflect upon what I want to achieve by the end of my last semester in college.

Every student who enrolls in their first college courses already has their mind set on specific goals that they hope to achieve at the end of their educational journey. These goals definitely motivate us to keep our focus in school, no matter how stressed out we may be with completing assignments or studying difficult material just to pass a test.

In the end, what really matters is the passing GPA we need in order to graduate, the social experience college provides us with, and the way it prepares us to face the real world as an adult. I think it goes without being said that everyone has the initial goal of obtaining a great job with high paying salary, but some ambitions are more in-depth and come with personal reasoning behind it.

Personally, I know that after I am finished with my four years here at Stony Brook, I plan on pursuing an additional career-focused education for two years at a grad school and receiving my master's degree, just because the I know the more education I have then the more wanted I am for jobs when applying for it.

Though right now, as a freshman, I still am deciding what career I'd like to focus on, being in the psychology field. So one of my end goals for college is to figure out what specific field I am passionate about and can see myself working in for the rest of my life, whether it be clinical psychology or child/school psychology.

Another one of my end goals is to build contacts within college and perfect my networking skills so that once I graduate, I have secure connections with outside companies and jobs. I believe networking is one of the most valuable and vital elements a person can get out the college experience because it's an effective gateway for one to reach their career goals.

Besides physical end goals and those relating to my future, I also want to achieve personal contentment within me when I graduate. I look forward to making the most out of my college experience by traveling and studying abroad, joining clubs and making new lasting friendships, and participating in a college community that brings a sense of pride and diversity amongst its students.

I hope that on graduation day, I don't have any regrets about what I should have done or been a part of in my earlier years of college.

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