I call myself an artist. I write stories, draw and play a couple of instruments. I have a singing voice that, while untrained, won't make anybody's ears bleed, and sometimes I act just for the fun of it. This summer, I've dabbled in making videos, dreaming up more ideas for what my little studio of one can produce.

Despite having a range of artistic abilities, there are some things I just won't be able to do without the help of more people. Inspired! Studios is greatly limited without a proper cast, the proper technology (I've been working off my phone camera and various apps...it's been working out fine so far in making shorts), and those savvy in using them to make the quality much better.

If most of my friends weren't out of state for the summer, I would recruit them. There is some hesitation involved with asking people I know locally because of my past experience of trying to put on little plays when I was a kid.

The end result would always be a lack of cooperation, mutiny (for example: "This skit is boring! All who want to do 'The Wizard Of Oz', over here!"...and there goes my cast), or something just comes up in the lives of my recruits and they can't commit. Now, I'm just getting by as a studio of one.

While trying my hand at screenwriting, I began on two stories. Both involve more than one main character and I would like to have these acted out. However, these projects (if they ever see the light of day) will involve a small cast and a crew. This won't be a job for a one-girl cast. A little tripod (or taping the camera to a guitar stand) just won't cut it for "A Blonde, A Brunette, And A Redhead Got Lost In The Woods" or "The Best Friend I Never Had".

Putting together little trailers, a video-slideshow of a weekend trip, and learning the uke has got my creative juices flowing, wanting to do more and go all out. What's holding me back from some fun passion projects, from resources and connections? Is it a lack of trust? A fear of judgment?

There's a sense of pride in having done something all by yourself but there is so much that I can do all by myself. I have my limits, the many things I can't do, even as an artist of multiple skills.