Realizations About Returning Back To School

The past three months have been an absolute blast! I’m sure you’ve been lounging out by the pool, traveling to the beach, BBQ-ing, and eating ice cream every chance you get; I know I have. Before you know it, it’s September and time to go back to school. Move in day is done, you’re settled in your new home-away-from-home for the next eight months and, all of sudden, recognition of your new life has sunk in. Another school year is beginning and another set of adjustments need to develop for your daily routines. Home and school are extremely different from each other for the very best, and sometimes the very worst, reasons and, if you’re on the same page as myself, you might come across these similar occurrences…

1. You need to start to re-map your usual walking routes to friends’ houses because everyone has moved.

2. Setting an alarm clock 5 days a week sucks, a lot.

3. You couldn’t be more excited to be back with your main squad.

4. But, you also miss seeing your friends from home on a daily basis.

5. Mom and Dad’s meals are no longer available and awaiting in the fridge when you’ve come home from a long day.

6. You miss your pet more than anyone or anything.

7. Drinking every day of the week, including Mondays, is back on the schedule, and not as easy as you last remember.

8. Along with eating frozen veggies, canned meat, and microwavable meals majority of the time.

9. Listening to professors is way more boring then you remembered.

10. Now that you have class and can’t work most of the time, you slowly and painfully become more and more poor.

11. Although, saving money on gas is a huge plus.

12. You have forgotten how much walking is required at school and realize that maybe you’ve had one too many ice cream cones over the summer break.

13. Cold weather is, unfortunately, around the corner.

14. Which also means so is football season, GO RAMS!

15. The library has become a part of your weekly schedule instead of the beach.

16. Oh, how you’ve missed Starbucks every morning.

17. A new group of 21 year olds are out and about at the bars to socialize with.

18. Remembering how amazing it is to live with all of your friends as roommates.

19. Not to mention the freedom of not living under the same roof as your parents anymore.

20. Even though certain things have changed, you're returning back to your favorite place on the planet for an even better, more exciting, and thrilling semester than ever before.

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