It's that wonderful time of the year again... Christmas!

Just kidding. It's finals time.

Most of us, minus a few exceptions of people who are ahead on their studying/final projects/presentations, are preparing for this season by furthering our procrastination techniques. This is the reality when it comes to the weekend before finals week, the "dead" days before finals and finals week itself.

1. Netflix asks you "Are you still watching?"

You best believe I am. Am I on hour three already? Oh well, I'm going strong today. Let's see how much longer I can lay here and not have to study.

2. Stress eating.

It's a side effect that is, at least in my experience, unavoidable. Sometimes you don't even realize you are eating until you find crumbs on your shirt (or better yet, in your hair, ladies). Halfway through whatever you are chowing down on you realize that you weren't even hungry to begin with. But, you don't stop eating, oh no, you finish all your food because that's another five minutes away from your notes.

3. Stress zits.

You think I am kidding? No. They are real and they are painful. Did I mention they are angry too? I'm talking a fierce glowing red that just won't seem to go away.

4. Multiple "mental" breakdowns.

One isn't good enough; you need several to really maximize your finals week. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes you punch pillows, sometimes you scream, and sometimes you do all three. *I use the term "mental" because we are not actually undergoing that type of breakdown, we just like to exaggerate and use this hyperbole.*

5. Cleaning.

This is when you know you are ultimately procrastinating, when you decide to clean instead of study. That's dedication, my friend.

6. Dancing.

When you find yourself alone in your room and close the door, or be bold and leave it open, and belt your heart out to your favorite song as you prance around your room shaking your groove thang.

7. Exercise.

Yes, you read that correctly. Desperate times call for desperate measures and when you decided to further procrastinate by exercising, that's a new low. However, this is almost contradictory to how the week should run (did you like my pun?). Exercising releases endorphins and makes you feel better, yet during this week you should feel like poop. So, maybe rethink this option as a means for putting off working on that paper.

8. Literally doing anything but studying.

Oh, I haven't checked the mailbox today? I should do that. Oh, those pesky strands hanging off my blanket really bother me? I should take 10 full minutes to cut them off. Oh, three of my lightbulbs are out? Better go to the store and replace them. I need maximum light for studying efficiency.

For real though, you should probably get off the computer and crack open a textbook because this week will sneak up on you.