After experiencing a full semester of college, I can tell you one thing:

99.9% of the things I was told about college ARE NOT TRUE.

While most of the stereotypes do exist, they are extremely glorified in movies. And when I say extremely, that's an understatement. Legally Blonde, Sydney White, Monsters University, and other movies set in the college culture make college seem like it's just partying and greek life. However, I'm here to tell you the real truth about college.

But also keep in mind that I am a huge nerd in the honors college that is taking 18 credit hours. So I don't really get to leave my dorm room or the library that much, but I am really observant, so I feel like my thoughts are still reliable.

1. You have no time to function as a normal human.

The majority of the time, I forget that food, water, and sleep are things that I need in order to survive, so I literally have to schedule in time for eating, drinking water, and sleeping. It's really hard to juggle academics, social life, necessities, and sleep at a consistent and well-balanced level.

2. The "party life" is really anticlimactic.

I went to one frat party, and I hated it. I don't think I have ever hated going to an event more in my entire life. I hated the atmosphere and how everything seemed to be sticky. Literally everything. Half of the people were blacked out drunk, and I just don't see the point in that. You don't remember anything that happened to you, so you don't even know if you had a good time. Also, frats are sexist as h*ck. This is just in my opinion and my experience, so I am not trying to trash all greek life. But when I was at the party, all girls got in for free and guys had to pay $20 to get in. While this did work out in my favor financially, I kind of felt objectified. I can't fully describe why, but I just really hated the atmosphere.

3. Classes and the material are indeed hard.

There are no easy classes in college. They are all hard in their different ways, so I definitely would not suggest going into any of them thinking you're the almighty ruler of that subject.

4. Homesickness doesn't really happen.

There's no time for it!!!

5. College football games are quite boring and uneventful (no offense!!!)

I wasn't an avid sports fan from the beginning, but I found college football to be 10 times more boring than high school football. No one seemed into the game, a ton of people left after halftime, and the game stops every five seconds. How is anything going to happen if you keep stopping it?! I just don't get it.

6. People are actually nice to you.

I haven't met a single person that has been rude, and I haven't seen anyone being rude, at least in public. Everyone is super chill and outgoing in class, which is really nice.

7. Literally no one has their sh*t together.

I can guarantee that every college student has at least two existential breakdowns a week. Most likely more.

8. Not that many people miss class from being hungover.

Most people are just sleeping in honestly. Finding time to sleep is like finding a precious and rare diamond in college. When you find it, you cherish it and milk it for all that it is worth.

9. Dorm life is NOT luxurious.

You are basically living in a tiny box. Yes, you get some more independence, but then you realize there's no one to cook you things or do your laundry or clean your room. Before you know it, it looks like an atomic bomb went off in your room and you can't even find your bed. And personally, I feel constantly claustrophobic in here.

10. Greek life doesn't actually rule the campus.

I mean you do see the typical letters on shirts and bags, but it's not thrown into your face. There's also no almighty ruling frat or sorority on the campus, at least none that I have witnessed. And I feel like I would have witnessed them by now.

11. Changing your major isn't a bad thing.

You've just got to find the right fit for you! If changing your major 4 or 5 times leads you to that, it's okay! Granted you might have to do an extra year, but it's the right thing to do if it is what makes you the happiest. If you aren't happy with your major, change it to what will make you happy. You'll enjoy your education so much more if you're passionate about the subject.

12. The best classes are the hardest.

In my bio class first semester, I actually thought I was going to die. The material was beyond difficult, but it challenged me. It made me figure out how to study and not procrastinate, and believe it or not, enjoy what I was learning. I felt so accomplished after I got a good grade that I went around and told other people what I learned about. Also, This class helped me figure out my career goals, which I would never have expected. So don't give up on a hard class. Ride it out and try as hard as you can because you earn so much more from it.