8 New Years Resolutions You'll Actually Want To Stick With

8 New Years Resolutions You'll Actually Want To Stick With

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I can honestly say I am glad 2017 is coming to an end. I am beyond ready for a new and fresh start. With 2018 being right around the corner, there are quite a few things I want to work on. I want to become a better me so that I can make a difference. I want to make a difference in my friends' lives, in my school life, in my work ethic, and so much more. Here are a few of the things that can be worked on throughout 2018 that do not take too much time and little to no money.

1. See The Positives In The Negatives

I try to be positive, but the negative will always take over. Time and time again I will be told to "lighten up" or just be happy. I always respond with "It's not that easy." I want to make it a personal goal to see the positives even in the darkest of situations. I want to realize that there is light in every scenario. I want to be happy and move on from downfalls quickly so that my happiness can radiate and make those around me happy.

2. Bite My Tongue

I have always been proud of how I am not afraid to speak my mind. I have also realized that in most of these scenarios, speaking my mind has done me more harm than good. I want to learn how to bite my tongue, to learn when to talk and when to stay quiet and be a fly on the wall. I have also learned that not everybody is like me; my sarcasm may differ from others', my jokes may not be funny to everyone, I may offend someone without having any intention to. By learning when to hold back, I hope to show that I am not rude or mean, but honest and truthful.

3. Be Healthy

I want to be healthy, both mentally and physically. Focusing on nutrition and a consistent work out plan is a serious goal of mine this year, and I say this same goal every year, but now I truly am dedicated. By focusing on myself, I hope that my happiness will be the strongest it has ever been before. I hope that in turn, this will strengthen my overall emotional well being, alleviating stress and anxiety. Growing up an athlete and then stopping completely takes a toll on a person. I am ready to go back to the person I used to be when I was so happy and focusing on health and fitness.

4. Focus on Friendships

I have recently let a lot of friendships slip. I have had my head in the wrong places and have not focused enough on friendships. I want to rebuild the friendships I have had for years. I'd rather have a few close friends than a large group of fake friends.

5. Put Myself First

Growing up, I had always put others' needs before my own. I was so concerned about their happiness that I was not happy myself. I need to learn how to put myself first while still caring about those around me. If I do not love myself, I cannot love another person. By putting myself first, I will focus on me and my needs both mental and physical. I will put my happiness and well-being first. Then, I can care for others.

6. Put My Phone Down

I am addicted to social media. I constantly find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat, seeing what other people are up to and then feeling bad about myself because I am not out doing anything in that moment. I care more about the number of likes I get, rather than how I feel in that moment. I'll pay more attention to my phone than my friends and family. I need to learn how to put my phone down and live in the moment.

7. Read More

In place of being on social media, I plan on reading more. Lately, self-help and motivational books have been my go-to choice of reading. My goal is to read at least a book each month this year. Hopefully, by doing some fun reading, it will help take my mind off of the stress coming from school and work and such. I want to use reading as an escape, rather than social media.

8. Stop Worrying About Others' Opinions

I need to make myself happy. Nobody knows me better than myself. Others' opinions truly are invalid. They do not know what I am going through, nor do they understand why I am the way I am. Real friends are there for you through thick and thin, and they will support you and want you to grow and mature. Fake friends want you to change so that they may see you in a better light. The true friends' opinions matter, but still not more than my own. I want to be able to block out those opinions around me or take them and throw them away, because they do not know me, they assume.

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Dear Elf On The Shelf, I Hate You. Love, Me

Love them or hate them, Elf on a Shelf is here to stay.


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I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten to move the elves (yes, we have been blessed with more than one. It seems my boys each want their own private surveillance). I would wearily climb all the way up to my bedroom and settle down as if for a long winter's nap, and it would hit me. It was back downstairs for me. Now it is after midnight and I am pacing around my house trying to find a new and innovative way to hide these little buggers. There are so many places that an elf can hide where it cannot be touched (did I forget to mention that touching them means certain death and some pissed off children?). But, nothing gets the adrenaline pumping in the morning than to realize that you have forgotten to move them, and your kids are stirring in their beds.

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And just the other day, one of my sons made the most interesting observation: "Mommy, I saw a tag on the elf. How come he's a toy?" Now the real fun begins.


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