I follow thousands of people on Instagram and I shamefully compare myself to them all. There are a few accounts of girls, I have never met, that just seem to have their lives together so well. They are pretty, have great taste, are always posting about doing something fun and exciting. Then before I even know it, I am forgetting about all the things that I have and take for granted.

In this article, I am gonna give away all my secrets. Airing out all of my dirty laundry so that you too may see even I don't have it all together, no matter how pretty social media may make it seem. There is always something not so perfect that gets cropped out, or blemishes that get tapped away in some app. The only thing I ever post that really is as perfect as it seems is my dogs.

I am going to start small, my smile. Did you know I use an app to whiten my teeth before I post a photo? I swore I would never admit that, but it's true. That very same app allows me to hide any blemishes and gives me the perfect filter to match all the others on my page so that there is a consistent flow.

If a picture doesn't turn out the way I want or doesn't seem to match, right in the trash bin it goes. Does that make me vain? Probably in some way, but really it's just me being self-conscience for probably no good reason other than the fear I have put upon myself in my own head.

Moving on to my biggest struggles, food, and fitness. I post A LOT about going to the gym, and that is no lie. I care deeply about physical fitness and do spend hours in the gym for about five or six days a week. When I am going crazy, sometimes every day.

If you're reading this, you've probably seen me post on Instagram that I wake up at 5 am, Monday, Wednesday, Friday for powerlifting classes. You'll see me post a photo like this cover of my weights all set up and ready to go. What you don't see is my fighting to pick up that bar when my legs feel like jello.

You don't see that I am covered in sweat and do not look pretty. You don't see that I go home and take a nap. You don't see the look of defeat on my face when I don't think I can do any more reps.

Another thing I posted a lot about is food! I do try really hard to eat healthily. Once again, sometimes I fall short of that. I don't drink nearly enough water. I miss eating bread and pasta, most of all mac and cheese. The other day I caved and ate some french fries. Granted, I did use my air fryer, but I shamed myself after.

I'll post a photo of a pretty salad, or me juice prepping for cleanses. I drink a lot of smoothies with protein powders added in. Sometimes though, I'll stand in front of my fridge with the door open, not because I am necessarily hungry, but because I miss eating and I am bored, but again, you would never see that.

You would never see me eat chocolate chips out of my pantry, or that one time I nearly ate a whole jar of peanut butter in one sitting. (Not even the "good for you" kind either, the packed full of sugar-Skippy one) And you will never ever see me admit that I finished off my husband's ice cream while sitting at my desk watching Netflix when I should have been working.

So that's the real Megan you don't see on social media. The Megan that still struggles, the Megan that is never gonna be perfect, the Megan that like you, wants to be better but often falls short. I hope that after reading this, the next time you are deep down the rabbit hole of Instagram, you will remember that the account you are envying over is probably like me, just showing the nice parts. And it should in no way make you feel jealous, or unworthy.

You are wonderfully made and that is worth sharing, crooked teeth, acne, cellulite and all.