The topic that a lot of people aren't too sure about and honestly don't know much about... dating. I am NOT specialized in dating or this field, officially, but I have had many experiences that can maybe help you out. I chose to focus on my women for this article because no one understands as like another woman can. Well, hold your tights, because things are about to get juicy.

Ladies, there are a few things to know when you are dating. First, let's start off with my definition of dating. Dating is when you are meeting someone, interacting with them and getting to know them. Dating is NOT being in a relationship (to me). My mother's generation viewed dating the same way that I do and I love that because my generation has evolved the meaning of being in a relationship.

Dating is complicated yet brilliant. It's complicated because you are getting to know someone or multiple at once. You do not have to be with one person when you are dating. But let's get into the different steps of dating.

1. Be Open-Minded

Try new things with new people.

I am only 21-years-old, but throughout my experiences and encounters with dating, I have learned that I needed to be more open-minded. Everyone is different and can show you another side of life. Let them do it. When you are getting to know people, you have to focus in on their conversations. Really take the time out to listen to what they are saying, their likes, dislikes, what they do for fun, how they are. Do NOT judge them! Be ready to hear shocking or interesting things you have not heard before. Go with the flow.

2. Be Yourself! 

Nobody better to be, than yourself.

The beauty of dating is that you can be yourself as you get to know so many different people. Show someone who you are. No, I am not saying to show all 28 sides of you on the first date, but be yourself. Genuineness goes a long way and people will notice if you are genuine or not.

3. Let Go, Let Flow. 

Let it go & let it flow.

No one wants to go on a date and you're talking about your EX. When you're dating, make sure that you stay clear of any talk of EXES. Unless the person you are dating bring it up, stay away from that kind of talk. Talking about your EX is not the first thing you should do when you begin dating only because you should be letting someone get to know YOU, not your PAST encounters. Also, don't hold the last person or situation against the new dater. This new person can be everything you want and more, so give them a chance.

Now, those are just some quick tips on dating. Although dating is brilliant, you must know yourself and what you prefer before you begin to date.


Preferences are so simple. You have a preference for a lot of things in life. Ice cream, movies, shows, cars, colors, clothes, and more. Preferences and dating correlate with each other, but it does not always favor dating. Sounds confusing? It's okay, let me break it down.

When in dating, knowing what you like is important. If you know that you like someone who is honest, trust-worthy, caring, forgiving, loving, silly, and dependable then you have to express that. Telling someone what you prefer, in regards, to characteristics, is maturity. These are things that you want from someone else because you know these attributes can help to satisfy any of your insecurities or this is just what you down right deserve from someone!

Now, if you have a specific type, that is great, but when you get older, things don't always work how you think they will. That goes back to being open-minded. Someone can come and sweep you off your feet and they may not be the ideal person you dreamed about or expected. That's the beauty of dating!

Let someone take you by storm. Planning out who you will be with is not realistic. What's realistic is you dating people and learning different people because you will learn many things. Things like what you need out of a companion, what can someone else do for you that you need? And when I say that, I say that in the sense that everyone needs somebody.

Life is hard and doing it alone can be overwhelming. Let someone be the friend and lover you need to help you through life. Someone who can give you affection when needed and still be the friend you need to give you advice or just be there when you want to do something wild & free.

Dating is a topic that I enjoy. I have learned much from dating and I hope this article can teach you a little something, so when you are dating or continuing to date, you will remember the important tips.