At 20 years old I'm at kind of a weird time in my life. Half of my friends are starting to get engaged, married or have kids while the other half can't ever seem to remember chugging an entire bottle of wine in one night isn't a good idea. The more I hang out with those first mentioned friends the more they ask me when I'll follow suit. I jokingly tell them I won't be married till I'm 30, except it isn't completely a joke. I am in absolutely no hurry to settle down.

Some people, like my very supporting parents are completely fine with this. They understand my stubborn streak inside of me and my fierce independence. They'll also be some of the first to tell you I'm probably not ready right now anyway. I don't always do the greatest in relationships right now. I tend to not open up well to others and I get annoyed way too quickly. And while they aren't necessarily good habits, I'm young, I need to learn who I really am on my own before I'm with anyone else.

Other people like, God love her, my Grandmother pushing her 80's is convinced I'm destined to be an old spinster. I can't tell you how many times I've heard from her au

And others think that I'm getting older, it's time to start settling down. I'm only 20, not even old enough to legally drink, and some people genuinely expect me to settle down soon. When I tell them I don't want to start having kids til I'm 28 or have been married for at least two to three years they look at me like I'm crazy. Obviously, as a female, I was put on this earth to get married and make babies in a timely fashion. I guess I missed that memo.

The trend of settling down at a young age seems like it's coming back as a society norm slowly. When my grandparents were young, you married between 16 to 20 or you really were a spinster. Not long ago, it started to become frowned upon being married at a young age. In reality, no matter what you do people will judge you for your decision regardless.

Working on my junior year of college I'm more focused on passing my classes, finding internships and next Saturdays football game than I am on settling down. Some of my friends are ready or already have settled down and that's and that's a choice of theirs I'll gladly support. You can bet I'll be the first on the dance floor at their wedding, or I'll cry happy tears for them holding their newborn baby. I just hope they'll be happy for me as I make my own way in the world on my own.

I'm not saying I'll never settle down with someone. Who knows, I might bump into Mr. Right by chance tomorrow night at the grocery store. Until then, though, I'll be perfectly content on my own.