Will you trust God when he says move?

Or will you stay stuck in limbo refusing, no, drowning in a sinking pool?

Will you stand up and speak the truth?

Or will you hide cowardly voice trapped as if in a house with a sealed roof?

To some the walk is scary so excuses are made.

To others the walk is foolish so they speak fear instead of faith.

You may see a huge step; but, it is actually a small sacrifice.

I would give my all to be obedient whatever the price.

Accomplishment requires effort, patience, and dedication.

Nothing is impossible so with Christ I look forward to the next direction.

I listen intently for God's voice and ready myself for the enemy's distraction.

This race we run is not easy therefore God clears my path.

My feet are ready to run with Him I will gain more traction.

My reward is priceless and it awaits.

My heart smiles when I think of Heaven's gates.