Ready For Warm Weather

It's March, finally, we are looking up and hopefully escaping the disrespectfulness of winter. I love when the weather warms up, there is something about warm weather and the sun shining that makes all the sadness of winter melt away. We get the first taste of warm weather certain days, but as usual for Virginia, we have nice days and then it feels like a second winter the next.

I used to think I was a winter or fall lover, and don't get me wrong I love my pumpkin spice but summer will forever be my favorite. School is out if you are in school, vacations, and just not worrying about school. We have a month left to go and I'm already feeling stressed but the thing that is keeping me going is the sweet knowledge of the semester will be over soon. My best friend and I for the last few months have been planning a beach trip with friends, (also if you would like to go we need 3 more people hit me up).

I am just ready to wear my dresses without freezing, and to not wear a jacket in the morning and be sweating by the end of the day. Here are some reasons why I am ready for warm weather;

1. Beach trips

2. Bonfires

3. Lake days

4. Driving with the windows down

5. Wearing flowy dresses and skirts

6. Not worrying about college

7. Warm nights spent outside

I am so ready to spend this summer with my favorite people, I am looking forward to creating more memories and making new ones with the people I've met at school!

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