Whether it's for a girls night or for a date, ladies around the world will book their entire evening to get ready. No woman will ever tell you that it took them only five minutes to get ready, because that is so lying! In reality, it probably took them around four hours of complete torture to get ready. Ladies that are reading this, you know what I mean. Tears from shaving, cursing at your wardrobe when you realize you have nothing that fits the occasion. Countless pictures were taken and shared with their BFF's in order to make sure that their final outfit is the perfect outfit. Here is what goes on in those four hours:

1 Hour: The Panic

The main reason why we, ladies, panic is because we feel that we do not have enough time to get ready. I mean, we don't have the luxury of taking the day off; therefore, the anxiety of getting ready is such a short period.

We tend to panic over location (what club? What restaurant? Is it fancy or casual?), theme (the 80's? the 90's?) what kind of date it is? (Is it casual? Is it formal? Should I impress? Or seduce?) All of those questions are running through every single girl's mind that is getting ready to go out. Oh and let not talk about the outfit! Pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, too many options for one single night! If we get any of the answers from the previous questions, things can get complicated.

2 Hour: Careful...careful

It may sound silly to you that shaving is one of the hardest tasks pre-anything that requires shaving. However, trying to get every single follicle without your skin ripping out at a quick pace is hard! One of the worst thing that can happen before a date is having blood dripping down your legs, ruining the outfit of the night. Although shaving your eyebrows is terrible too (don't cut them, tweeze them). After that long, excruciating step, comes the nails. If we went to a salon to get a manicure, lucky us! Otherwise, we had to paint our nails yourself. Sometimes we'd dare to do elaborate designs until it's clear that 1. We don't have time or 2. We don't know how to make a fancy design. It's already hard enough to paint nails with our no dominant hand! Imagine doing that with designs! This is also the hour that food becomes our worse enemy. Should we eat? If we do eat, what do we eat? Not Chipotle or Taco Bell nor anything that can fill us up (unless it's a girls night) or make us gassy.

3 Hour: Wishing there was a copy paste option for eye makeup.

After successfully shaving, making our hair as smooth as possible and waited years for our nails to dry the next step is makeup and hairstyle. Some like to keep it simple, some of us go way out of our league with youtube tutorial. Normally following a tutorial causes redos of the same look over five times before deciding to do something we already know how to do (no one wants to look like a disheveled raccoon). Nailing the perfect look takes time, that's why some girls do their hair first and then their makeup, although shouldn't it be the way around? Just in case it gets ruined by the art.

4 Hour: Last Touches

Oh, girl, the look is complete! Not much happens in this last hour. Unless locations were changed or we realize we are running late (most of the cases we are running late). In that case, cue the purse grabbing, shoving our cellphones, earphones, compact powder, wallet and whatever else is deemed necessary.