I've been on campus for a few days now, and one thing I've noticed is that I have been feeling a disconnect from the news. Nothing much has changed — I still have my laptop, my phone, and Internet access. However, I still feel like I'm in a void of sorts.

It's easy to get into a slump like that. The news can be hard to read. It can stress you out. Personally, getting a notification from the New York Times makes my heart race a little bit. It's easy to expect the worst but, usually, it's not.

The current president and his various policies can sometimes make it seem like the world is going to end. It's arguable that America is one of the most war-mongering, violent countries in the world.

Due to this attitude, combined with the anxieties over the news, it's easy to see why self-care has become more popular.

However, no matter how hard it is to keep checking the news, no matter how much in a void you feel (like I do right now), it is imperative that you keep up with the news cycle. As a citizen of America, especially in this turbulent time.

By keeping up with the news, you are taking your responsibility as an American citizen seriously. By keeping up with the news, you are keeping yourself informed and making sure that the government doesn't overstep boundaries.

By keeping up with the news, you are keeping the government accountable.

You are making sure America is only impacted positively and, when it is not, you are making sure that the changes you do not like don't stay active for long.

Read the news. Be engaged. Hold America accountable.